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City of Willernie: A Brief Overview

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The city of Willernie, Minnesota is a small suburb located northeast of St. Paul and in the midwestern region of Washington County. Occupying just 0.13 square miles, Willernie is home to around 500 residents. Interestingly enough, Willernie is actually entirely surrounded by the neighboring city of Mahtomedi. This can lead to confusion, as those passing through Willernie could metaphorically blink and miss the city. As far as the passerby is concerned, Willernie was just another part of Mahtomedi. This however, is not the case. The community in Willernie is very tight-knit. With a strong, small-town atmosphere, Willernie is primarily residential, but features a lake on its southern border and a collection of restaurants on its northern border. Residents take pride in their small city, and buy into ownership of the city by being involved in community events and endeavors.

Willernie is 14 miles (17 minutes) outside of St. Paul. The main routes near the city include State Highways 36 and 244 as well as Interstate 694. Residents have incredible access to the majority of the Twin Cities metro area thanks to the terrific infrastructure of the area. Because Willernie offers so few amenities due to its limited size, residents must often seek amenities in neighboring cities. While Mahtomedi is able to satisfy many of these needs, the reality is that some of the best amenities in the state can be found in the Twin Cities metro area. Residents are able to enjoy their small-town community while simultaneously having access to the immense urban amenities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. With top-notch dining, entertainment, shopping, recreation, and employment opportunities just a short drive away, Willernie is in a great spot for enjoying the best amenities of both worlds.

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