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City of Willernie: A Brief History

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Originally, the city of Willernie was a part of Grant Township. The city was known as Wildwood Manor. In 1918, Wildwood Manor became a part of Lincoln Township. In the 1870s some people began settling in the area, and in the 1880s several plats were filed.

In 1914, the village began to really grow. Wildwood Manor was platted by the Wildwood Park Association. It was formed as a suburb of the popular Wildwood Amusement Park. Wildwood Manor was a small community of summer cottages near the amusement park meant to look like an English village.

As the railroad grew so did Wildwood Manor. In the 1890s the Minneapolis & St. Paul Suburban Railroad Company and the Twin City Rapid Transit Company were present in the area.

“The Front”, which is now Stillwater Road, was the hub of Wildwood with an inn, grocery store, restaurants, entertainment, and much more. Businesses also prospered on “The Front”. Stores included a tailor shop, restaurants and taverns, a bakery, and a hardware store.

Willernie was home to its own private beach, Lake Washington. Yearly swimming races took place here, which were put on by the St. Paul Athletic Club. Residents also took advantage of the lake for outdoor activities, including canoeing, boating, and ice skating.

Willernie, the country’s 3rd smallest community, today maintains a quaint, small-town feel while offering big-town amenities in nearby cities.

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