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City of Nowthen: A Brief Overview

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The city of Nowthen, Minnesota is unique, medium-sized city, with a unique name. Named after the town’s first postmaster who had a habit of saying “Now, then” in conversation, Nowthen, Minnesota encompasses an area of 35 square miles. Home to around 4,500 residents, Nowthen is located on the western border of Anoka County.

Nowthen is known for being somewhat rural. With ample space between houses and a close-knit community, Nowthen embodies a small-town feel. Despite having these characteristics, Nowthen is growing. This is why it cannot be classified as a strictly rural community. With growing commercial developments and its location in a growing region, Nowthen is poised to gradually add in an increasing number of suburban comforts.

Nowthen is 32 miles (40 minutes) northwest from the heart of Minneapolis. The main routes within the city include County Road 22 and State Highway 47. Each of these roads eventually connect to larger highways including State Highways 169 and 10 which in turn connect to the majority of the Twin Cities metro. Residents of Nowthen, with a short commute, can access the sights, sounds, smells, and sensation of the bigger metro cities. For those who are desiring a somewhat rural community that is still close enough to the cities to enjoy urban comforts, Nowthen is a great choice.

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