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City of Nowthen: Parks & Trails

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The City of Nowthen is laid out over 35.10 square miles, 33.56 square miles of which is land and 1.54 square miles of which is water. Nowthen is home to 11 lakes and residents enjoy many recreational opportunities. Some of the most popular outdoor options include:

Twin Lakes Park: Twin Lakes Park is a great amenity situated in Nowthen. This park features a swimming beach boat dock, and fishing pier on the body of water called Twin Lakes. Locals enjoy a playground, five picnic shelters, a softball field, and walking trails. Twin Lakes Park now offers a disc golf course.

Nowthen Park: Nowthen Park is the hub of athletic options in the city. The park is home to a baseball field, softball field, soccer field, volleyball court, and basketball court. Residents of Nowthen also enjoy a playground, picnic shelter, horseshoe pit, and walking paths.

Rum River Central Regional Park: A regional park situated in Ramsey, is a great amenity 10 minutes from the heart of Nowthen. Rum River Central Regional Park is laid out over 434 acres featuring a diverse mix of river, praire, and woodlands. In this park, locals have access to the pristine Rum River canoe route. Visitors also enjoy biking, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and picnicking. During the winter months, Rum River Central Regional Park is a top spot for cross country skiing.

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