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City of Scandia: A Brief Overview

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The city of Scandia, Minnesota is located northeast of St. Paul and in the northeastern corner of Washington County. A rural community with a rich, Scandinavian heritage, Scandia is a medium-sized suburb (population-wise) with around 4,000 residents occupying an area of 40 square miles.

Situated on the very edge of the Twin Cities metro area, Scandia is very peaceful in nature. The majority of the city’s land consists of rolling hills, lakes, woodlands, farms, and low-density neighborhoods. Houses typically have lots of space between neighbors and contain acreage. With both the St. Croix River and Big Marine Lake found within the city limits, residents enjoy natural beauty throughout the year. In fact, it is this very natural beauty that attracts residents in the first place.

The majority of residents within Scandia chose to live there because of its peaceful and beautiful land. The city does not have much in regards to commercial or industrial development. Residents typically choose to go to one of the surrounding cities to experience fine dining, shopping, or entertainment.

Scandia is 36 miles (40 minutes) away from St. Paul. Despite being one of the longest commutes for a city considered to be a part of the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area, Scandia has several routes that ensure efficiency when traveling to and from the cities. The main routes in and around the city are State Highways 36 and 97, US Highway 61, and Interstates 35E and 694. These extensive options ensure that residents can transport themselves easily around the cities. With great dining, shopping, entertainment, and recreation options available just a short distance away. The city of Scandia offers a rural lifestyle with urban comforts located close nearby. This type of housing arrangement is ideal for those who prefer comfortable, rural living or those who are learning to transition from a suburban lifestyle to a rural one.

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