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City of Scandia: Parks & Trails

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Scandia, Minnesota is one of the largest cities in Washington County in terms of land size. With so much space, the city has dedicated much of its resources to developing park land. The city currently maintains 8 different developed parks, 6 undeveloped parks, and 2 state parks. Some of the most notable parks include:

Wind in the Pines Preserve: One of the largest parks in Scandia is Wind in the Pines Park, which consists of 44-acres of land. The park is the hub of activity for outdoor enthusiasts because of its extremely diverse ecosystems. In the northern portion of the park, residents enjoy hiking around Falls Creek to the north or the around the Lower St. Croix National Scenic Riverway to the east. Through the entire park, visitors can find an abundance of old growth forests and prairie land to explore. Because of the numerous ecosystems that are present in the preserve, a large amount of wildlife can be seen in their natural habitat. Residents enjoy the park throughout the year, with activities such as hiking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and cross-country skiing.

Eko Backen Center: For those looking for outdoor winter fun, Eko Backen Center is the perfect destination. Although the cost is not free, three different hills are available for visitors to enjoy downhill tubing. A charming chalet is also open for weddings, birthday parties, and other events. In the summer, residents can enjoy mini-golfing, picnics, and car shows.  

William O’Brien State Park: Located next to the St. Croix River, William O’Brien Park is one of the most popular destinations for outdoor recreational activity. Miles of hiking trails wind around the rocky and rolling hills for residents to explore. The St. Croix river provides for much of the recreational activity with opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. The river is also one of the most sought after locations for fishing, with an abundance of walleye, northerns, trout, and bass. When snow begins to fall, the park is an ideal spot for snowshoeing and skiing. Other amenities include volleyball nets, horseshoes, soccer balls, and bocce balls. William O’Brien State Park also provides camping experiences, with several cabins located on the camp grounds.

Big Marine Park Reserve: Selected as a regional park because of its abundant natural resources, including the St. Croix River, Big Marine Park Reserve is only partially located in Scandia. The park consists primarily of wetlands and is still being developed. When completed, the park will cover over 1,800 acres of land, 80 percent set aside for preservation. A wide variety of outdoor activities are available at the Big Marine Park, including fishing, boating, and swimming on the St. Croix River. The park also has an extensive trail system for hiking and cross-country skiing. Birdwatching is also a popular pastime at Big Marine because of the extensive amount of wetlands. Other amenities include a fishing pier, picnic shelter, and play area.  

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