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City of Oak Grove: A Brief Overview

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The city of Oak Grove, Minnesota is a medium-sized city located north of Minneapolis. Encompassing an area of nearly 36 square miles, Oak Grove offers ample living space to its approximately 8,100 residents. It is located within the northern half of Anoka County and describes itself as a city “of low density residential neighborhoods with some limited commercial areas”. Residents of Oak Grove typically enjoy large lot living, and many appreciate the natural beauty that exists within the city. Both the Lake George Regional Park as well as the Rum River Central Regional Park can be found within Oak Grove. This ample natural space comes at a cost of commercial development. While Oak Grove may not have a plethora of businesses for residents to visit, its location enables access to the amenities of nearby neighbors.

Oak Grove is 30 miles (38 minutes) away from the heart of Minneapolis. The main routes in the city include State Highway 65 and US Highway 10, both of which eventually connect to the bigger Interstates 94 and 694. These highways in turn connect to the majority of the Twin Cities metro. For Oak Grove residents desiring great amenities, a short commute opens them up to the best that Minnesota has to offer. With top-notch dining, shopping, entertainment, recreation, employment, and park options just a short drive away, residents of Oak Grove can enjoy aspects of rural, suburban, and urban living. For those desiring a quiet, peaceful community that is just outside of an urban metro area, Oak Grove is a great option.

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