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City of Oak Grove: A Brief History

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Oak Grove, Minnesota was first settled by David Rogers, who made a claim in 1855. Other early settlers include Moses S. Seelye Sr., Jarvis Nutter, John M. McKenzie, and Gilbert Leathers.

The name Oak Grove originated because of the abundance of oak trees in the area. Within the city, there are many small lakes, the largest being Lake George. Other beautiful natural amenities include the Rum River in the western portion and Cedar Creek in the southeastern portion.

In 1857, Oak Grove was officially organized as a township. The first religious services were held in 1857 by Rev. Lyman Palmer. A frame church was built in 1871 under Rev. M. Mitchell. In 1993, the township of Oak Grove was incorporated as a city.

Since 1880, the population has grown from 305 to 8,337 residents. Today, Oak Grove is a thriving community situated on 23,040 acres with an abundance of natural amenities.

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