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City of East Bethel: A Brief Overview

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The city of East Bethel, Minnesota is a semi-rural city located slightly northeast of the Twin Cities metro area. Encompassing an area of nearly 48 miles, East Bethel is located on the northern border of Anoka County and is one of the biggest cities (land area-wise)  in the entire county. Home to nearly 12,000 residents, the city offers ample space with a mix of natural, residential, and commercial spaces. The city has a small-town feel, with residents participating in a tight-knit community. East Bethel has 15 parks and 12 lakes, including the largest lake in Anoka County, Coon Lake. Residents appreciate the scenic views and outdoor recreation that East Bethel provides.

East Bethel is about 28 miles (35 minutes) from the heart of the Twin Cities metro. The main routes through the city are State Highway 65 which connects to Interstates 694 and 94. These routes in turn connect East Bethel to the majority of the metro area. Residents get the best of both worlds, living in a city with a semi-rural, small-town feel, and having access to the amenities of the Twin Cities metro. Fabulous dining, shopping, entertainment, parks, and employment opportunities are just a short drive away. For those looking to live in a peaceful community that has access to the hustle and bustle of the big city, East Bethel is a great option.

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