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City of East Bethel: Schools

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East Bethel is served by both the Forest Lake Area Schools District and the St. Francis School District. Forest Lake Area Schools serves over 7,000 students and is geographically the largest school district in the state. St Francis educates around 6,000 students and covers 165 square miles. Only two schools are located in the City of East Bethel itself; however, students have easy access to schools in neighboring cities.

Cedar Creek Community School is one of the two elementary schools in East Bethel. The school serves around 780 students in grades K-5. Cedar Creek boasts of student/teacher ratio of 16, which is the lowest of all elementary schools in the St. Francis School District. The school also employs nearly 50 full-time teachers.

The other elementary school located in East Bethel is East Bethel Community School. East Bethel Community employs 34 full-time teachers with class sizes averaging around 17 students. The school’s student population is the smaller between the two elementary schools, with approximately 570 students enrolled each year in grades K-5. Accelerated reading, American Indian education, and multicultural/diversity programs are offered to students.

Many students in grades 6-8 attend St. Francis Middle School in the neighboring city of St. Francis. Around 1,000 students attend St. Francis Middle and approximately 54 teachers are employed full-time. Students have the option to participate in athletics such as track, football, baseball, soccer, and more. The average class size at St. Francis is 19 students.

Century Junior High School lies in the neighboring city of Forest Lake. The school serves around 1,000 students in grades 7-9, with 47 full-time teachers and 80 staff members. Century’s mission is to provide a welcoming, respectful environment where all students can excel emotionally, physically, and academically. Athletic opportunities also exist for students, such as football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, and track.

A large population of the East Bethel high school students attend St. Francis High School. The school serves approximately 1,600 students in grades 9-12. The school supports 13 different academic departments art, FACS, business, counseling, industrial technology, language arts, music, math, science, social studies, special education, physical education, and world languages. Different activities at St. Francis include art, choir, band, drama, debate, and more. Athletics are an integral part of the St. Francis student body, with sports teams in cross country, basketball, dance, wrestling, baseball, swim, dive, and more.

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