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City of East Bethel: A Brief History

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The area that is now East Bethel was originally inhabited by the Chippewa Indians. In 1837, the United States bought all land east of the Mississippi, including the area of East Bethel. After the purchase, new settlers began to arrive in the area to farm the fertile soil. Quakers were the some of the first to set up residence by building log houses on the small lakes of Minard and Cooper. The name Bethel, meaning “House of God”, was given by the predominate Quaker population.

After the Bethel Township was established in 1858, the same year Minnesota was established as a state, even more settlers came to the growing community. Most of the new settlers were from eastern states or the countries of Sweden, England, Ireland, Norway, and New Brunswick. The majority were farmers who came for the fertile prairie soil. In the beginning years since its establishment, Bethel Township did not experience rapid growth.

In the year 1957, with a population of just 1,200, a committee was formed to seek out the  incorporation of East Bethel. After a winning vote of 232 to 161, the vote was challenged and taken to the Minnesota Supreme Court. The vote was upheld and East Bethel was officially incorporated as a Village in 1959. Later in 1974, the City of East Bethel was finally established. Today, the City encompasses 148 square miles, which makes it geographically the third largest in the state of Minnesota, and has a population around 11,500.

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