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City of Grant: Schools & ISD 832

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Students in Grant, Minnesota are served by Independent School District 832, also known as Mahtomedi Public Schools and Stillwater Public Schools. Mahtomedi Public Schools serves over 2,600 students in K-12th grade in Mahtomedi and the surrounding areas. The mission of Mahtomedi Public Schools is to provide a learning community in which all students can learn, thrive, and succeed in a global society. Mahtomedi Public Schools seeks to engage, challenge, and inspire to create opportunities for themselves and others. Education is an important aspect and Mahtomedi seeks to provide each student with an excellent education that will prepare them for life after school.

Rutherford Elementary School serves 636 students in K-6th grade in Stillwater and surrounding cities. The key elements that drive the educational program at Rutherford are learning, innovation, and creativity. Rutherford creates an environment that supports each student and helps them reach their highest academic potential. At Rutherford relationships and collaboration are extremely important and help enhance each student’s learning experience.

Mahtomedi Middle School serves 843 students in 6th through 8th grade. The school offers an excellent education designed to help students succeed and become better learners. The school helps each student become more responsible by providing great teachers and rigorous academics. Mahtomedi Middle School sets each student up to thrive and become the most successful student they can be. The school also offer numerous after school athletic programs including volleyball, cross-country, track and field, gymnastics, and many more. They also offer other after school programs including theatre, band, and math counts.

Mahtomedi High School serves 1,155 students in 9th-12th grades in Mahtomedi and surrounding areas. Mahtomedi is an excellent high school and was given a 5-star rating based on its standardized test scores. Mahtomedi’s average ACT score and GPA are higher than the Minnesota average and the school has a graduation rate of 99%. Mahtomedi focuses on providing each student with an excellent education, preparing them for college by providing a rigorous academic program with the opportunity to take AP courses. Mahtomedi High School ranks 6th among Minnesota high schools and has a student-teacher ratio of 19:1. Mahtomedi also offers several athletic programs including football, basketball, cross-country, soccer, volleyball, hockey, tennis, baseball, softball, wrestling, and many more.

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