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St. Paul: Summit-University

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Summit-University is St. Paul‘s oldest neighborhood. The high river bluffs give the area its name. The Summit-University neighborhood, with a population of 16,000 residents, is culturally diverse, and home to people from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Well-maintained homes and buildings from the late 1800’s flourished in the neighborhood, with popular and well-known landmarks all around. There are several retail strips in the community, such as Selby Avenue, With its shops, social areas, and dining Selby Avenue is perhaps the most favored area in the neighborhood. The Summit-University neighborhood is close to Downtown, St. Paul, has great transit service and major highway access, and is a very convenient neighborhood to walk or bike around.

The neighborhood showcases an extensive range of housing options and styles. The area is home to rowhouses, apartments, historic single-family homes in the Victorian style, bungalows, and townhouses from the 1950’s and 70’s.

There are several amenities that residents are able to enjoy. The Oxford Community Center is one of the busiest and most popular locations within the entire neighborhood. Home to a recreation center as well as a water park, there are countless amenities to explore. Visitors enjoy the craft room, computer lab, dance studio, fitness center, four gymnasiums, multipurpose room, kitchen, and walking track. Additionally, within the water park, visitors have access to lap swimming, a diving board, water slides, water floats, a concessions stand, a sauna, and more. The Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center is another recreation center within the neighborhood. While not as comprehensive or offering as many amenities as the Oxford Center, the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center still has lots to explore. Inside the center, visitors are treated to a craft room, dance studio, fitness center, game room, gymnasium, two meeting room, and a multipurpose room. The outside of the center includes a playground and two tennis courts. This great balance of amenities makes the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center entertaining for all ages and interests.

There are a multitude of parks found in the Summit-University neighborhood. Some of the most notable include:

Central Village Park: Central Village Park is located near the center of the neighborhood and offers several great amenities. With a playground, tennis courts, open green space, benches, and trails, visitors can opt for an active or relaxing afternoon. The convenient, central location of the park makes it an important destination for the community.

Western Sculpture Park: Certainly one of the most unique parks in St. Paul, and quite possibly the most artistically/intellectually stimulating, Western Sculpture Park is a place of beauty and the arts. Featuring 15 sculptures ranging in size, shape, color, and message scattered around the park, visitors will love the artistic expression and wide variety found within the park. For families with children, the park features a large playground, ensuring that all members of the family will have something to look forward to.

Carty Park: Carty Park is a small, neighborhood park featuring picnic tables, tennis courts, two playgrounds, and a ½ basketball court. While not altogether the largest of St. Paul’s parks, Carty Park is a great destination for a pickup game of basketball or a picnic with the family.

Cathedral Hill Park: Cathedral Hill Park is situated directly in front of the famous St. Paul Cathedral. First purchased so that no other building could block the view of the magnificent cathedral, today the park makes a great welcoming space for all visitors. While there are very few amenities, the park’s scenic beauty and open space are perfect for those desiring a passive outdoor experience.

Webster Park: A popular sporting park within the Summit-University neighborhood, Webster Park is conveniently located adjacent to the Obama Elementary School. Frequently utilized by the school as well as children in the neighborhood, the park features a ½ basketball court, picnic area, playground, softball field, and tennis court. Additionally, a large, green field is frequently utilized for games of football and soccer.

If you have any questions regarding the Summit-University neighborhood, the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to visit or call 1-800-909-1953.