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St. Paul: Downtown

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The majority of people believe that the Downtown neighborhood’s borders are Interstate 94 to the north and Kellogg Boulevard and the Mississippi River to the south. However, the legitimate border of the neighborhood is a little further north, at University Avenue. Downtown St. Paul is know as an arts, amusement, and business center, as well as a host to over 8,000 residents.

The city’s residents enjoy living close to its “Twin” city in Minneapolis, the natural beauty of the Mississippi River, gorgeous parks, and the community events year-round. As one of St. Paul’s increasingly growing areas, the Downtown neighborhood possesses historic buildings, an active and involved arts community, and the locally famous St. Paul Farmers’ Market. Easy access in all directions is offered by I-94 and 35E, and with a Light Rail Transit connecting Saint Paul to Minneapolis, the infrastructure is second to none. The neighborhoods are also attached by a unique skyway system, which is useful during the colder months

Homes in the neighborhood consist of old warehouses and commercial facilities transformed into modern apartments. New construction, high-rise condo developments provide residents with excellent views of the river and the Minnesota State Capitol. Compared to Minneapolis, St. Paul’s downtown has much older buildings. The tallest among them is the Wells Fargo Place building, which is 471 feet tall. The most renowned building is the First National Bank Building on Fourth Street.

The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts in Rice Park has theater, opera, ballet and children’s performances. In 1980, Saint Paul native Sally Ordway Irvine wanted to create a performance center. Through the donations of over 46 million supporters, she achieved her goal. The Ordway presently consists of 1,900 seats and a music theater, two large rehearsal halls, and magnificent lobbies on each floor. There are many other additions that are constantly being developed which help to make the Ordway even more magnificent.

The Landmark Center is located within the Downtown neighborhood and contains the TRACES World War II History Center, the Schubert Club Museum of Musical Instruments, and several other exhibits. Downtown St. Paul is also home to the Fitzgerald Theater, the Park Square Theatre, and the History Theatre. A small art gallery, the Minnesota Museum of American Art, is located on the Mississippi river bank.

Museums in downtown St. Paul include the impressive Science Museum of Minnesota, the popular Minnesota Children’s Museum, and the Minnesota History Center.

The Science Museum yields full benefit for its ideal location on the river. Guests enter on the top floor, and from there the galleries descend downwards towards the river. A large atrium in the heart of the museum features dinosaur skeletons and scientifically-motivated artwork. Galleries on three different floors display the museum’s large paleontology, anthropology, and natural history collections, and many interactive displays demonstrate mathematical, electrical, light and weather phenomena. The museum also offers an Omnitheater, where a large and encompassing screen displays scientific films everyday.

The Minnesota Children’s Museum is a magnificent museum devoted to entertaining and educating children. It is a large museum with lots to see and do. It’s easy to view the Minnesota History Center as place only for tourists, however it is also captivating for locals too. The beautiful building is the home of the Minnesota Historical Society, and also houses a museum, galleries, a research library, a theater, a store, and a cafe.

St. Paul has a huge selection of restaurants. From the eponymous 24-hour Mickey’s Diner Car, and the casual Key’s Cafe, up to the divine Meritage and the upmarket St. Paul Grill. Mickey’s Diner was created to look like the railroad dining cars of the period. It is distinct in that it is one of the initial diners to be built in the Art Deco style. Mickey’s Dining Car was manufactured in New Jersey and shipped by rail on a flatbed to its present location. Today, it is a fun place to experience a meal inside of a little bit of history. In 1973, the first Keys Café opened in St. Paul on Raymond Avenue. Since that time, the Keys Café has extended to nine Twin Cities locations and has been renowned and awarded both locally and nationally for their fabulous menu. From their characteristically ageless dining room, to the popular oyster bar, Meritage provides an atmosphere that will lighten up any mood. Their terrace provides memorable summer evening dates, or a wonderful place to enjoy some time with family. Whatever the reason for the visit may be, the Meritage is sure not to disappoint. Known continuously as the “best restaurant in Minneapolis and St. Paul”, The St. Paul Grill is everyone’s favorite for any occasion. This downtown dining location showcases a classic, yet astonishingly varied menu from prime steaks and thick-cut chops to juicy poultry and fresh seafood.

International dining selections include Fuji-Ya, Pazzaluna, and Senor Wong. Fuji Ya has a lot of rich history behind it, and has two locations in the state, one in each of the Twin Cities. The restaurant has offered some of the best, most authentic Japanese cuisine for many years, and is more than worth any customer’s time to experience. The critically admired and award-winning Pazzaluna Urban Italian focuses on serving regional Italian food that showcases the best Italian food in the area. Pazzaluna’s active and upscale environment makes it ideal for an outing with family, friends, business partners, or a romantic date. Possessing an impressive Italian wine list, a beautiful mural-adorned dining room, and a high level of service, Pazzaluna deserves its standing as one of the best nights out that the Twin Cities has to offer. Come to Senor Wong Craft Bar for dinner and drinks with friends. They showcase a list of local and regional craft beers, signature craft cocktails, wines, and artisan sake. This is a popular place to eat before a hockey game or any other large scale event going on in the cities. The major sporting facility in downtown St. Paul is the Xcel Energy Center. It’s mostly known for hosting NHL’s Minnesota Wild team, but it also hosts conferences, music concerts, and other sporting events throughout the year.

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