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St. Paul: Summit Hill

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Summit Hill encompasses the eastern portion of Grand Avenue, between Macalester-Groveland to the west and Downtown to the east. It’s a more affluent neighborhood, and home to many students who attend nearby institutions. Summit Hill, which is one of the smaller neighborhoods in the city with a population of just over 6,500 residents, is a historic and active community of locals that enjoy nationally owned stores, restaurants, galleries and other businesses that surround them. Well-maintained Victorian-era homes and other historic architectural reserves are scattered throughout this renowned neighborhood. They are so renewed that the American Planning Association recently named Summit Avenue one of America’s 10 Great Streets. The walking character of the neighborhood, mixed with social and business networks functioning throughout and along Grand Avenue, exude a feeling of community and fellowship.

As mentioned previously, Summit Hill boasts one of the nation’s most preserved stock of Victorian-era dwellings along with other traditional styles of homes. Apartment buildings and townhomes are also available and are typically utilized by students.

There are several amenities found within the Summit Hill neighborhood that residents enjoy. The Pleasant Arena provides access to ice skating and hockey facilities throughout the year, making it a fabulous amenity for those who enjoy activity on the ice. Additionally, the Linwood Recreation Center adds a craft room, dance studio, fitness center, gymnasium, meeting room, and warming house.

The Summit Hill neighborhood contains 4 parks. They include:

Kenwood Park: Kenwood Park is entirely surrounded by brick roads. As a micro-park and one of only a few parks surrounded by roads of this type, Kenwood Park adds charm and beauty to the local neighborhood. It acts as the center of a cul-de-sac overlooking Interstate 35E.

Crocus Hill Terrace Park: Crocus Hill Terrace Park is an undeveloped park overlooking Interstate 35E. It is best known for its dense woods and bird populations. Visitors will enjoy the natural setting in the midst of an urban area.

Linwood Park: Linwood Park is the home of the Linwood Recreation Center. In addition to the recreation center’s amenities, visitors enjoy the baseball field, basketball ½ court, playground, senior lounge, skating rink, soccer field, two softball fields, and two tennis courts. As one of the more active park options within the Summit Hill neighborhood, Linwood Park is always a popular choice.

Point of View Park: Point of View Park is a very small, neighborhood park overlooking the adjacent West Seventh neighborhood. The park is conveniently located opposite of Interstate 35E and features open space to run around.

If you have any questions regarding the Summit Hill neighborhood, the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to visit or call 1-800-909-1953.