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St. Louis Park: Eliot View Neighborhood

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The Eliot View neighborhood is located in north central St. Louis Park and is bordered by the Pennsylvania Park, Willow Park, Bronx Park, Birchwood, Eliot, and Blackstone neighborhoods. Eliot View is a part of Ward 4 and is bordered by Cedar Lake Road to the north, Burlington Northern Railroad to the south, CP Railroad to the east, and Louisiana Avenue to the west. Overall, the neighborhood encompasses just 98 acres of land. Twenty of the homes in Eliot View, between Cedar Lake Road and Eliot View Road, were built by Victor Formo in 1955. The construction was a part of the post war building boom for World War II veterans in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and St. Louis Park.

Eliot View has a population of around 480 residents spread out over 6 residential blocks. The neighborhood is split into its residential area in the north and commercial/industrial area (about 35 percent) area in the southeast. A total of 204 housing units exist in Eliot View. Of those units, 167 are single family homes, 13 townhomes, 16 apartments, and 8 duplex units. The average construction year of houses is 1953.

Westwood Shopping Center is located in the northwest corner of Eliot View. Within the shopping center are Walgreens, Little Caesars Pizza, Family Dollar, Pizza Hut, and Sichuan. Sichuan serves authentic Chinese & Vietnamese take-out food for a low price and is a local favorite.

The two closest neighborhood parks to Eliot View are Cedar Knoll Park and Rotary Northside Park.

Rotary Northside Park: Located on Louisiana Avenue between West 22nd and Cedar Lake Road, Rotary Northside Park has various outdoor amenities for residents to enjoy. The recently renovated park has baseball diamonds, tennis courts, playground, and walking trails.

Cedar Knoll Park: Cedar Knoll Park is also home to a baseball diamond complete with picnic tables, a concession stand, and batting cages. An off-leash dog park is also available to residents for exercising dogs. Cedar Lake Regional Trail with separate lanes for walking and biking also runs along the south side of the neighborhood. The 3.6 mile long trail runs to downtown Minneapolis and connects with other neighborhood trails along the way.

If you have any questions regarding the Eliot View Neighborhood, the city of St. Louis Park, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to give or call 1-800-909-1953.