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St. Louis Park: Blackstone Neighborhood

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The neighborhood community of Blackstone covers 44 blocks and is located on the northeast corner of St. Louis Park, just 4 miles west of downtown Minneapolis. Blackstone was organized when the city of St. Louis Park was constructed in 1890 for retail, industrial, and residential use. St. Louis Park was built along the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad and the area just to the north would become the neighborhood of Blackstone. Today the railroad stands as a landmark to the communities rich historical past.

Upscale living, tree-lined streets, and convenient location best characterize Blackstone and the way of life within the community. Situated on the intersection of 394 and highway 100, Blackstone provides an easy commute to work and access to all the entertainment options within nearby communities. Streets within Blackstone are lined with new housing developments on the west side of the neighborhood and high end shopping plazas on the east. Blackstone is home to total of 451 housing units with 98 single family homes, 335 townhouses, and 102 apartment units with a population of nearly 700 residents. Blackstone showcases the perfect mix of a quiet community with an abundance of amenities and entertainment options.

The Shops at West End is located in the northeast corner of Blackstone offering numerous shopping, dining, and entertainment options for all residents to enjoy. The shops at West End provide residents with a wide range of shopping options, from locally owned stores to nationally known name brands, residents have plenty of options to choose from. West End is also in no shortage of entertainments options including numerous restaurants, bars, the Icon Theatre, and Brush Studios.

Residents within Blackstone are in no shortage of dining options; from upscale restaurants to fast food chains, Blackstone has it all. The northeast corner of Blackstone is where residents can find all their dining needs, offering a wide variety of options including bars, pubs, and cafe’s. Blackstone is home to several excellent local restaurants that will give residents a break from well-known dining options.

Urban Sub is a local sandwich shop that prides itself on having fresh ingredients. Urban Sub is an excellent alternative to the usual options of Subway or Jimmy Johns and offers a unique experience that local residents will enjoy. One of the most popular sandwiches at Urban Sub is the Westside Italian Sub. This hearty sandwich is made with Italian dressing, genoa salami, pepperoni, melted provolone, tomatoes, greens, and red onions all on a french baguette.

The community of Blackstone covers 332.2 acres and is home to Blackstone Park. Located in the northwest part of the neighborhood, Blackstone Park features outstanding scenery and numerous recreational activities that residents of all ages can enjoy. Blackstone is a beautiful green space featuring a playground, picnic pavilion, walking paths and more.

If you have any questions regarding the city of St. Louis Park, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to give or call 1-800-909-1953.