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City of Roseville: Community Life

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The city of Roseville, Minnesota is a mid-sized suburb that is uniquely situated adjacent to both Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Only Lauderdale, a neighboring city, shares this characteristic. The city’s nearly 35,000 residents enjoy the benefits of living near these larger cities while maintaining a peaceful, suburban atmosphere.

The community of Roseville is heavily influenced by the major businesses and organizations that exist in the area. Fantasy Flight Games is headquartered in Roseville, and is known for being the world’s 5th largest board game publisher. In addition to their headquarters, they run a storefront where customers can try out board games before they buy them. Another important business that is headquartered in Roseville is Old Dutch Foods. They produce snack food items including potato chips, beef jerky, dips, salsas, and more. Along with their headquarters, Old Dutch has a potato chip facility in Roseville.

Being so close to the Twin Cities metro area, Roseville is near numerous colleges and universities. Within the city itself is the University of Northwestern-St. Paul. This private, Christian college offers traditional 4-year degrees with over 70 different majors in addition to a nursing program, as well as some graduate programs. In the cities surrounding Roseville there exist more than a dozen other colleges and universities including the University of Minnesota, Bethel University, the University of St. Thomas, and more.

One of the best amenities found within Roseville is the Rosedale Center. A premier shopping mall that is known for its convenient location near the Twin Cities metro, the Rosedale Center features over 150 stores in addition to several restaurants and fast food establishments as well as a movie theater. The mall draws in 12 million visitors a year, making it the premier shopping center in the eastern suburbs. Another amenity that residents enjoy is the Roseville Library. With over 340,000 volumes in its collection, the Roseville Library is the busiest library in the state and has triple the number of materials compared to any other library in the Ramsey County Library system.

A unique amenity within the city is the Guidant John Rose Minnesota Oval. The largest outdoor, artificial, ice skating surface in North America, the Oval includes a speed skating track as well as a massive skating area which is used for hockey, figure skating, and ice skating in general. The rink is about the size of a football field, with a 110,000 square foot concrete surface that is artificially cooled. Around the rink is a 400 meter track, making it the same size as a regulation track for track and field. Each year the Oval plays host to over 100,000 guests, many of whom are professional athletes seeking a location to hone in on their craft. During the holiday season, the Oval hosts OVALumination, a Christmas celebration on ice. The rink is opened up for ice skating, and surrounded the rink are over 100 trees decorated with lights. This event is the perfect kickstart to the holidays.

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