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City of Newport: A Brief Overview

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The city of Newport, Minnesota is southeast of St. Paul and is situated along the western border of Washington County. With a total land area of nearly 4 square miles, the city is home to approximately 3,500 residents. A small river community, Newport, has a close-knit community with homes that wind along the river’s edge and bluff lands. Residents enjoy the small-town atmosphere and the scenic beauty found along the shores of the Mississippi River. While primarily residential in nature, there is a large commercial scene that is mainly found along US Highway 10/61. Residents enjoy a variety of dining, shopping, recreational, and employment opportunities within their own city.

Newport is located 13 miles (16 minutes) outside of St. Paul. The primary routes within the city include US Highway 10 and Interstate 494. Between these two highways, residents have access to the majority of the surrounding suburbs as well as the Twin Cities metro area. If residents of this suburb are seeking amenities or opportunities that do not exist within Newport, a short drive will open up a wealth of options. With top-tier dining, shopping, entertainment, recreation, and employment opportunities just a short drive away, residents are able to enjoy the best of both worlds. Additionally, Newport’s proximity to the cities makes it a suitable commuter town for those desiring big city opportunity without the noises of the concrete jungle. For those seeking a city that is close to the metro while also having its own amenities, Newport is a good option.

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