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City of Mounds View: Community Life

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The City of Mounds View, located in the northwest corner of Ramsey County, Minnesota, contains a residential population of over 12,000 and over 150 businesses.  The city is situated at the connection of Interstate 35W and State Hwy 10, and is conveniently ten miles from Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Mounds View is renowned for its large, wooded residential lots and wide housing variations.

Mounds View represents a community with a family oriented and safe culture. If you drive through the neighborhood streets in the summer, you can see people outside, children playing with one another in the nearby parks, and communication between neighbors. Through youth sports programs, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and other children’s programs, the youth of the city are highly engaged.

Businesses thrive within the city of Mounds View. There are many well-known businesses within the city, such as Medtronic, US Geological Survey, Sysco, and Biolife Plasma Services. Biolife is a popular destination for many young adults in the area, as they can donate plasma twice a week in order to earn a small income. Mounds View is also home to many smaller, local businesses that promote the community culture.

Mounds View is home to several restaurants, whether it be the small town bar, well known fast food chains, or high-end dining. A popular restaurant with delicious Mexican cuisine is El Loro. With both catering and on-site dining, El Loro prides itself in serving up authentic Mexican dishes, such as chile relleno, enchiladas, chalupas, and quesadillas. Moe’s of Mounds View is another unique dining locale within the city of Mounds View. They have a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu that includes omelets, breakfast sandwiches, parfaits, french fries, steak, and juicy hamburgers. Moe’s is a great place to watch the big game, or to take someone on a first date.

All of Mounds Views parks are small, and include amenities such as a baseball field or a basketball court. These small parks promote the neighborhood life, as kids can be found playing together on the all throughout the summer days.

Mounds View is a close and tight-knit community. The city prides itself on its unique dining, friendly neighborhoods, popular theaters, and great education. While the city of Mounds View is small and does not have many community events throughout the year, it’s location near the Minneapolis (12 miles) and St. Paul (13) adds a lot of depth to the community.

If you have any questions regarding the city of Mounds View, Minnesota, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to visit or call 1-800-909-1953.