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City of Mounds View: Parks & Trails

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Mounds View is home to 10 city parks. All of Mounds Views parks are small, and include amenities such as a baseball field or a basketball court. These small parks promote the neighborhood life, as kids can be found playing together on the all throughout the summer days.  A few of these beloved parks are:

Silver View: This particular 9 acre park in Mounds View is a popular recreational element in the community oriented city. With two baseball fields for younger baseball teams, a soccer field, volleyball court, and two-way basketball court, Silver View Park is commonly used by the neighborhood children. There is also a medium sized playground, picnic shelter, and large spaces of green for other activities.

Lambert Park: Similar to that of Silver View Park, the 2.5 acre Lambert Park is commonly used for recreation. The small park offers a baseball field, an ice hockey rink, a playground, and picnic shelter.

City Hall Park: This small park offer one large baseball field, a smaller baseball field, a playground, and the city hall. This building is used for many events, as well as the city council meetings.

Groveland Park: Yet another park that boasts a baseball field, Groveland Park is also home to a basketball court and two tennis courts.

Many of the parks in the city of Mounds View are small and offer similar amenities. This allows an open space for the children in the neighborhood to get outside and enjoy the summer months. Each of the small neighborhood parks add to the family oriented culture that Mounds View Represents.

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