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City of Hilltop: A Brief Overview

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The city of Hilltop, Minnesota is a tiny city located just north of Minneapolis. Encompassing an area of just 0.12 square miles, Hilltop is one of the most unique cities surrounding the Twin Cities metro. Interestingly enough, Hilltop is entirely surrounded by the larger city of Columbia Heights. Home to about 750 residents, Hilltop began as a dairy farm and over the years saw expansion. The growth was significant enough that water and sewer facilities had to be constructed to support the population. The result was Hilltop’s incorporation as a city and subsequent status as a tiny city surrounded by a larger one. Residents enjoy the city’s close-knit community and proud history. While Hilltop relies heavily on its neighbor, Columbia Heights, for its social services including police and fire protection, it is a community that thrives on its small-town feel. Known as “A Little City With a Big Heart”, Hilltop is a true hidden treasure within the Twin Cities metro.

Hilltop is approximately 6 miles (15 minutes) north of the heart of Minneapolis. The main route in the city that spans only 4 blocks in width is State Highway 65. The highway runs along the east border of the city and connects with Interstate 694 to the north and runs straight to Minneapolis to the south. Residents of Hilltop have incredible access to the metro. With a short drive, residents have access to the best dining, shopping, entertainment, employment, and recreational opportunities that Minnesota has to offer. For those desiring a close-knit, neighborhood-like community with all of the amenities found within an urban setting, Hilltop is the answer.

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