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City of Hilltop: A Brief History

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The area where Hilltop exists was once an unincorporated portion of Fridley Township. This area was home to a dairy farm. In the 1940s, several trailer park opened in the area. People living in the trailer parks were concerned their mobile homes would be removed, and because of this petitioned to be incorporated. In 1956, Hilltop was created.

Hilltop began growing in population, and by 1961, a strip mall, bowling alley, and motel were constructed. In the mid-1960s, Hilltop constructed their own water tower, and they were no longer dependent on Columbia Heights for their water.

Today, the city relies on Columbia Heights for its fire and police services, but the city runs their own water and sewer services. Hilltop is home to about 749 residents and nicely balances being a small town while still within close proximity to bigger suburban areas.

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