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City of Edina: A Brief History

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The city of Edina, Minnesota was initially a part of the Richfield Township. By the 1870’s, close to twenty families, with many coming from Ireland because of the destructive Potato Famine, had come to the state to find land in the southwest area near Richfield. Settlers from New England and Germany followed suit, and established more land near Minnehaha Creek.‪ The Baird and Grimes neighborhoods, and the current Country Club District are located in the Northeast quadrant of Edina and were among the first locations to be settled. Today, they are found in the National Record of Historic Places. The Cahill Settlement was also an area that was settled during that time.

In the year of 1888, the residents of the township hosted a meeting to reflect upon the decision of formatting a new village, therefore splitting themselves from the Richfield Township. Those within the community positively acknowledged the plan and it was soon approved by the state legislature.

After the decision was made to form a new village, a discussion began concerning the identification of the new village. Numerous town meetings were held in the Minnehaha Grange Hall, and the names of “Hennepin Park”, “Westfield” and “Edina” were recommended. Edina was also suggested because many people were from the town of Edinburgh in Europe.

At the next meeting, the name Edina was officially decided by barely a majority vote. Since then, this city has become an affluent place, and has been well established into the Twin Cities area. It is here that many of the most highly-desired homes in the state can be found.

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