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City of Forest Lake: Schools & ISD 831

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Students in the city of Forest Lake are served by Independent School District 831. School District 831 seeks to prepare students for the world by offering excellent education through outstanding teachers, technology, challenging curriculum, high standards, and a supportive learning environment. School District 831 serves 7,000 students in preK through 12th grade. Forest Lake has 8 elementary schools, 2 junior high schools, and one high school.

Columbus Elementary School is one of 8 elementary schools in Forest Lake. Columbus serves over 400 students in kindergarten through 6th grade. Columbus Elementary School provides students with a positive and supportive learning experience along with an emphasis in educational excellence. Students experience challenging curriculum and learn to encourage other students to contribute with their best effort. Columbus is filled with highly dedicated, skilled, and experienced staff who genuinely care about each student. Columbus also fosters a strong community involving the parents in their child’s learning experience.

Southwest Junior High School serves 800 students in grades 7-9. Southwest seeks to prepare students and connect them to the world around them through challenging coursework. Students are given the opportunity to participate in the arts, clubs and sports teams as well service learning. Columbus has 40 teachers who are committed to providing a respectful and supportive environment where all students have the opportunity to excel and ensure they reach their full potential. Students are encouraged to explore new things and build positive relationships.

Forest Lake Senior High School serves 1,442 students in 10th through 12th grades in Forest Lake and surrounding communities. Students receive a challenging education that is designed to provide relevant information. Students experience a 5 period day allowing more time to study each subject. The mission of Forest Lake Senior High School is to ensure that all students graduate with the skills necessary to attend a college, university, technical college, or training program and succeed. To ensure this, Forest Lake provides courses that are focused on developing critical thinking, opportunities to earn college credits, and a wide range of electives. High school students at Forest Lake are also given the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities including orchestra, choir, band, and sports designed to build leadership and teamwork.

North Lakes Academy is a charter school that serves students in 5th through 12th grade. Located in Forest Lake, North Lakes Academy provides students with a personalized learning experience designed to meet the needs of each student.  Students receive an education in strong core subjects along with liberal arts courses. The mission of NLA is to provide a rigorous, Liberal Arts curriculum in a small, personalized, developmentally appropriate learning environment and graduate students who are confident, skilled scholars and citizens. North Lakes Academy seeks to provide a supportive environment where students are eager to learn and are prepared to assume productive roles in society.

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