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City of Bayport: School and District 834

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Students of Bayport are served by Independent School District 834 also known as Stillwater Public Schools. School District 834 is home to nine elementary schools, two junior high schools, and one high school. The Stillwater Public Schools system looks to provide students with a personalized education to encourage curiosity, develop leadership, and foster a strong community. The Mission Statement of Stillwater Public Schools is: in partnership with students, family, and community, is to develop curious individuals who are active and engaged leaders in an ever-changing world by challenging all students as they travel along their personalized learning pathways.

Andersen Elementary School serves 350 K-6th grade students in Bayport and the surrounding cities. Andersen’s education program is based on Minnesota State Standards, helping each student achieve their academic potential and develop skills to prepare them for the world. Andersen Elementary School also encourages parents to be involved in their child’s education. They do this by having parents visit the classroom, talk with teachers, volunteer, and attend conferences. The school also offers several academic programs, including STEAM: science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Other programs include media, music, physical education and many more. The mission statement of Andersen Elementary School is to ensure high quality, innovative, challenging education where all learners are valued and respected.

St. Croix Preparatory Academy is a charter school, located in Stillwater, that serves 1,200 students in kindergarten through 12th grade. St. Croix Prep. looks to ensure each student reaches their academic potential as well as build character and develop leadership qualities. They do this by providing rigorous academics and a content-rich program. St. Croix follows the classical education model, which focuses on students developing critical thinking and lifelong educational tools. Classical Education is grounded in the Trivium model of learning, which stresses critical learning skills before critical thinking skills. The Trivium model is organized in three stages: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Since opening in 2004, St. Croix Preparatory Academy has been one of the highest performing schools in Minnesota and has achieved some of the highest Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment scores in the state.

High school students in Bayport are served by Stillwater Area High School. Stillwater Area High School serves over 2,000 students in 10th through 12th grade. Stillwater is one of the oldest high schools in Minnesota and takes pride in it’s rich history. Students receive a top-notch education and are provided with one of the strongest natural science programs in the state. Stillwaters Environmental Learning Center (ELC) provides students with the opportunity to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it in the real world. The ELC helps students learn through exploring and understanding more about the natural environment. The Environmental Learning Center includes fields, ponds, forests, and wildlife. Stillwater High School seeks to help each student reach their fullest potential by providing a rigorous academic program and preparing students for college and working in the world. One of the many programs used to prepare students are Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  Stillwater offers numerous AP courses in several different areas including Biology, Chemistry, English, Art History, U.S. History, Psychology, French, Spanish, Calculus, and Statistics. Stillwater emphasises reading and writing across all areas of study to ensure that each student is continually learning and improving. Students also have the opportunity to participate in sports, clubs, and other activities.

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