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Chaska Neighborhoods: Chevalle

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Chevalle is a beautiful new neighborhood development that spans two cities, Chaska and Victoria, Minnesota. While almost all of the development is located within the city of Chaska, current development on Chevalle is stretching back into the city of Victoria. Chevalle is a vibrant development boasting numerous amenities including beautifully crafted homes, 10 miles of trails, parks, and a lake. This beautiful community is a 150-acre development dedicated to providing a wide variety excellent homes that meet the needs of people across all stages of life while preserving open space for residents within Chevalle to enjoy.

The Chevalle community is split currently into 9 distinct neighborhoods known as Le Rive, Le Rive North, Pascolo, Valencia, Talero, Terra Vista, Compello, Cavallo Pass, and Grand Chevalle. These neighborhoods only make up a third of the total land, leaving the majority for the preservation of land and recreational use. The majority of homes within Chevalle are Craftsman styled homes including single family homes, twinhomes, and villas with prices ranging from $300,000 to $2 million.

The neighborhood of Le Rive is a stunning neighborhood situated near Lake Bavaria and featuring numerous amenities. The neighborhood is made up of beautifully designed custom made single family homes that start around $800,000. These homes are some of the more premium end homes found not only in Chevalle but within the entire city of Chaska. They offer several amenities such as beautiful views of the area wetlands, Le Rive Park, which is located in this neighborhood, as well as walking/biking trails that go throughout the community and lead down towards Lake Bavaria. As of present, there are currently 55 lots within Le Rive.

Le Rive North is connected to the Le Rive community and features breathtaking views of Lake Bavaria. If you are searching a premium home in Chaska, Le Rive is a “must see” neighborhood for you! Homes in this neighborhood are typically sold for 1-4 million dollars. Along with Le Rive, Le Rive North features some of the most premium homes within the city limits.

Pascolo is a charming neighborhood with much to offer. This neighborhood is made up of new single-family homes with stunning architectural designs and price ranges starting at $300,000, and include common features such as individual mailboxes and patios. Pascolo also provides easy access to the trail system within the development of Chevalle. Pascolo currently boasts 47 lots and features room for future developments to expand upon.

The neighborhood community of Valencia is an attractive destination within the development of Chevalle. Valencia features numerous amenities including beautifully designed custom made single family homes starting at $300,000. Valencia offers easy access to the City of Chaska Park, which is a small 3-acre park that features picnic tables as well as some open spaces for children and families to enjoy the outdoors. Valencia is also closely located to several other amenities within the community of Chevalle.

Talero is a unique community featuring fifteen detached villas and twinhomes situated on the highlands overlooking the wetlands of the Chevalle Community. Talero is the first neighborhood on the right after passing through the decorated bridge and was constructed in 2014. The Talero neighborhood is made up of custom built homes starting at between $400,000 and $500,000.  Each of the homes features a floor plan of between 4,000-5,000 SQFT and also features lawn and snow care with their monthly dues.

Campello is a Chevalle neighborhood that is situated next to a park with a playground, Central Park, and the neighborhood offers multiple scenic views. Most of the homes within the Campello neighborhood are 2 story homes with 2200-4000 SQFT and were constructed in 2012 with exteriors featuring vinyl, brick, and stone. The neighborhood also features an equestrian trail and lots of open spaces for residents to enjoy.

Another excellent neighborhood within Chevalle is Terra Vista. Terra Vista is a beautiful neighborhood within the Chevalle community and features homes that are surrounded by beautiful scenery including trees and wetlands as well as several other amenities. The Terra Vista neighborhood is made up of 47 single family homes offering a wide selection of homesites. Terra Vista is an attractive neighborhood perfect for any lifestyle, Homes within Terra Vista include houses that have a variety sizes ranging from 1,500-3,000 SQFT and many of these homes feature 3 car garages as well as porches that many residents take advantage of during the summer time.

Cavallo Pass is a neighborhood of beauty. It is a newer development within the community of Chevalle and features higher end two-story and rambler style houses. When entering Cavallo Pass one would quickly realize that on the left side of the street, the majority of the homes are lined up, while on the other side a long white fence has been erected that gazes out onto a peaceful field allowing residents a beautiful view to look out upon everyday. Residents of Cavallo Pass also get the amenity of having a well-maintained walking path at the end of the culdesac that leads down to a dock on Lake Bavaria for residents to enjoy beautiful sunsets from.

The newest neighborhood development with Chevalle is Grand Chevalle. The neighborhood features beautiful single family homes constructed by Mattamy Homes and new homes are being built well into 2017. Unlike the other neighborhoods within the Chevalle community. Grand Chevalle is a part of the city of Victoria instead of the city of Chaska. Even though these homes are in another city, they still represent the same beauty and quality that the other homes with Chevalle represent and residents still have access to all of the same amenities.

The community of Chevalle has much to offer as far as amenities that all residents within the community can enjoy. The community boasts 4 parks, 6 miles of trails, access to Lake Bavaria, 30 acres of wetlands, and the Chevalle Bridge. The Chevalle Bridge is a unique piece of architecture and acts as the main entrance to the development. The bridge is a European style canopied stone arched bridge that stretches across the restored wetlands helping make Chevalle the neighborhood that it is. It symbolizes the integration of beautiful architectural design and environmental preservation which is a major part of the community.

There are numerous amenities and attractions surrounding the neighborhood development of Chevalle that all residents in the community have access to. Some of most popular amenities and attractions in the area include Deer Run Golf Course to the west, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum to the northeast, Hazeltine National Golf Club to the east, and Chaska Town Course to the south. There are also several restaurants and shopping amenities nearby at Chaska Commons that all residents can take advantage of including Perkins Restaurant, Qdoba, Caribou Coffee, Starbucks, Home Depot, Cub Foods, Target, Kohls, and more.

Residents within this community are served by Independent School District 112. ISD 112 is an excellent school district offering personalized learning designed to help each student thrive. Students within Chevalle will attend one of three schools depending on their grade. Elementary school students grade K-5th grade will attend Jonathan Elementary, 6th-8th graders attend Chaska Middle School East, and 9-12th graders attend Chaska High School.  Other private school options in the area include Holy Family Catholic High School, Southwest Christian High School. as well as many others.