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City of Chaska: School District 112

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The city of Chaska is served by Independent School district 112, which is located in Chaska and includes 18 schools that are kindergarten through 12th grade.  Eastern Carver County Schools offer exceptional academic programs as well as a wide range of arts, activities, and athletics, designed for children’s individual talents and interests.  Personalized learning is emphasized beginning in elementary school and carried through to graduation. The district offers one Kindergarten center, seven elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. The district’s website offers a boundary finder to help new families in the area identify which schools their children would attend.



The Kindergarten center is located in the Jonathan neighborhood and offers an award-winning kindergarten program with a wonderful combination of curriculum and staff. The school focuses on providing exposure to concepts and skills in a wide range of curriculum areas to assist the students in realizing their full potential.

The seven elementary schools include Bluff Creek, Chanhassen, Chaska, Clover Ridge, East Union, Jonathan, and Victoria Elementary. As of 2015, all of these schools fully implement continuous progress in math and reading, allowing students to move at their own pace regardless of grade level.

Chaska Middle School East, Chaska Middle School West, and Pioneer Ridge Middle School serve students in grades six through eight. These students develop a personalized learning plan that guides their course selection and preparation for high school.

Children of Chaska residents are districted to attend Chaska High School but can open enroll into Chanhassen High School. These schools have been ranked among the top ten percent of high schools in America by the Washington Post. In addition to required courses, students have an elective series available to them based on their personal interest and can choose from the categories of Global Studies; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (also known as STEM); Arts and Communications; and Health and Social Sciences. College level classes in the advanced placement program are just one way that students are given an advantage in their education.  In addition, the requirements held by the high schools meet and exceed the requirements of college admissions in Minnesota and across the country, resulting in competitive students who are better prepared for their futures.

The district’s Spanish immersion school, La Academia, is a two-way immersion program that provides kindergarten and elementary programs taught in both English and Spanish. The Family Learning Center offers early childhood education, preschool programs, early childhood screening, and great special education services. An Integrated Arts Academy is an innovative option for students in grades nine through twelve that teaches core graduation standards integrated through arts content.

There is an abundance of private schools in Carver county with thirteen preschools, fifteen pre-kindergarten and through eight grade, and three high schools. The student teacher ratio in Carver County private schools of 15 to 1 is higher than the state private school average of 12 to 1.  Many additional private and charter schools are located nearby just outside of Carver county, giving the residents of Chaska a variety of wonderful schools to choose from if they desire to explore educational options for their children.