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Not All Realtors Are Created Equal

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Joe standing in front of the home he lived in for 40 years

Meet Joe Cerami. He’s 85 year young and has owned his Minnetonka home on Sparrow Road for over 40 years. Besides being a veteran, successful businessman, and retired, Joe is most proud of  his family, especially his 13 grandkids. Over the past four decades his home has had a lot of sentimental value:  raising four children, celebrating  57 years of marriage, and putting a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into it. Since he bought it 4 decades ago he’s completely remodeled it… twice!

In 2005 Joe’s life changed dramatically when his wife passed away from cancer.  Because of the change in his circumstances Joe decided it was best to sell his Minnetonka home and move out of state to live closer with his children.  Even though he knew he was in a declining real estate market, Joe was determined to sell his home for the absolute most amount of money that the market could bare and not feel pressured to take a huge loose because his life situation changed.

In 2006 he decided to put his home on the market for the first time. Joe says,’ The experience quickly became frustrating and very disappointing. I couldn’t believe that my house wasn’t selling and that I was getting little to no showings!  The realtor I worked with didn’t do anything except pressure me to keep lowering my price and when I did, it still didn’t change anything. When the property didn’t sell I used a different agent and they did the exact same thing!” After having his home on the market for over 5 years and going through 3 different real estate agents Joe was extremely upset,  confused, and didn’t know who to trust with selling his home anymore.

The Difference:  “Everything changed when I met David Olson.” Joe says, “When I decided to list my home with him I knew that he was different & had a new approach to selling real estate. He had a very aggressive marketing plan, was easy to get a hold of, and I knew that he was truly looking out for my best interests. He’s an expert who has sold a lot of homes, but what I found just as important is that he genuinely cared about me as a person. He listened, was understanding, patient and didn’t put any unneeded pressure on me!’ Joe continues, ‘Before I thought all realtors were the same but after wasting 5 YEARS seeing other so called ‘top agents’  fail to sell my property, I have a completely different opinion.  David Olson ended up listing my home for the same price as the other past realtors that I worked with, but he was able to get my home sold in less then 43 days! ” Joe continues … “David Olson is the real deal! If you’re going to be selling your home in this challenging market, don’t settle for a mediocre agent.    If you’re not sure which realtor to work with, I’ll save you lots of time and headaches.. use David Olson!  He’s the best and you  won’t regret it! If you’re in a situation like I was, and you’re skeptical and have been disappointed with this process, set up an appointment with David Olson today so he can help you like he helped me! “

Joe Cerami & David Olson at Closing

I’m grateful that I became Joe’s friend and was able to finally help him get his home sold. After Joe closed on his home on November 10th 2011, he moved to Oklahoma to live with his daughter on their goat farm.  He loves being closer to his family and working at the farm. If you are seriously considering to sell your home, remember not all realtors are created equal. The Realtor you choose should have experience and skills that are proven and treat you with the respect you deserve.