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West Bloomington: Community Life

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The city of Bloomington, Minnesota can be divided into two, clear, geographic regions. Where the East side of Bloomington is more commercial and clustered with a wide array of urban development, the West side of Bloomington is more residential in nature. West Bloomington is adjacent to suburban cities such as Eden Prairie and Edina. Like it’s neighboring cities, the west side of Bloomington features more park land, residential homes, and open space. While the majority of West Bloomington is made up of parks and homes, there are several large organizations and businesses that play a role in its community development.

The Hyland Ski and Snowboard Area: The Hyland Ski and Snowboard Area is one of the most well-known businesses in West Bloomington. It is a very popular winter destination that features 9 runs of varying difficulties, a terrain park, and a chalet. As a part of the Hyland Park Reserve, the Hyland Ski and Snowboard Area offers a number of amenities in the warmer months when the ski hills are closed. These include the park reserve itself in addition to a golf course.

Schools: West Bloomington is home to three important schools. Bloomington Thomas Jefferson High School is the high school that services the west side of Bloomington and is a part of School district 271. It is one of two high schools in the city. Normandale Community College is a very notable school located in the western side of Bloomington. Enrolling around 18,000 students annually, Normandale is a 2-year college that is utilized by students from all over the state and country. Normandale brings in a number of visitors to the city of Bloomington each year. Rasmussen College is similar in size to Normandale and offers similar course offerings at a convenient and affordable price.

Arts and Athletics: The western side of Bloomington features a number of artistic and athletic organizations. With two golf courses, the Minnesota Valley Country Club, and Dwan Golf Club, the Penn Lake Library, and the Bloomington Theater and Art Center, there are a number of ways for residents to engage in athletics and arts. The Penn Lake Library belongs to the Hennepin County library system, a library system that is consistently ranked in the top 10 libraries nationwide. It has access to all of the books and resources that are a part of this network, through an interlibrary loan program. The Bloomington Theater and Art Center is a staple of the Bloomington community. Offering live theatrical productions, fine art, and classes on the arts, this center serves the Bloomington area through education as well as entertainment.

Creekside Community Center: West Bloomington is home to the Creekside Community Center. The Creekside Community Center is the location for many of Bloomington’s human services activities and events. Whether it be the organization of city-wide garage sales, senior luncheons, the winter boot drive, or day programs for all ages, the human services department utilizes the Creekside Community Center for their programming.

Events: In addition to events through the Creekside Community Center, the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department puts on a number of events in the parks located within West Bloomington. Some of the most popular include the summer music series and movies in the park.

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