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University: A Brief History

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The University community’s history is almost as old as Minneapolis’. In the late 1890’s, the area had a thriving community of Scandinavian immigrants, many of whom worked in the milling and lumber industries on the Mississippi River. As time passed, the community shifted and became a beehive of hippies, intellectuals, actors, artists and musicians. Presently, the community possesses the largest influx of immigrants in the Twin Cities, continuing a long history of ethnic and cultural diversity. The community is even home to the University of Minnesota, established in 1851.

The Marcy-Holmes neighborhood, one of the neighborhoods in the community, was first a home to Native Americans living alongside “Minne-haha”, later named St. Anthony Falls by explorer Father Louis Hennepin. The Mississippi River and the falls offered waterpower for lumber and milling businesses here, as well as an attractive site for the growing city of St Anthony. Ultimately St. Anthony merged with the city of Minneapolis in 1872. This area had schools, churches businesses and homes starting in the 1840’s. Today, the community is known for the University of Minnesota, TCF Bank Stadium, Dinkytown, and for having plenty of amenities available.

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