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Tips On Moving House Plants

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  1. Moving companies will transport house plants but will not guarantee their survival.  I.C.C. regulations prohibit a driver from loading plant in a van if traveling more than 150 miles or longer than 24 hours.  Also, a driver may refuse to load plants if there is evidence of insect infestation which may infest the van.
  2. If you are moving to another state you may wish to call the appropriate agricultural agency in that state since there are some states that prohibit entry to all or some plants.
  3. When transporting plants in your care, place them o the car seat.  Never put them in the trunk of your car since any extreme temperature changes can be disastrous.
  4. Water plants a day before leaving, and securely place them in a cardboard box.  Line the box with a plastic trash bag, and then use newspaper around the pot to prevent shifting.  Do not over water the plants before leaving, since you can always find water at a rest stop.

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