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The Legacy of a Minnesota Family Farm

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Albert & Dorothy Tellers

Meet the Tellers Family. Back in 1946 Albert & Dorothy Tellers bought an 80-acre farm where they would raise their 4 children, farm the land and live their American Dream. This was a time when gas cost 21 cents a gallon and you could buy a brand new John Deere Tractor for $650.00

Times were different then, but over the past six and a half decades the family farm became a place where their grandkids and great grandkids would come to enjoy the scenery, watch the animals, celebrate holidays and share stories about the ‘good old days.’

When Albert & Dorothy passed away in 1996 & 2006, their children (most of them now in their 60s) inherited the farm & put it into a ‘Limited Liability Partnership’ where they each had equal ownership. The kids realized that the farm wasn’t just a property where they grew up together, it represented a legacy for their family of faith, hard work, commitment, and integrity.

Teller Family Farm

Teller Family Farm

Because of the strong sentimental value, they decided to rent out the farm land, and maintained the property themselves. At first this was a reasonable solution, but with all of the kids living in different areas (White Bear Lake, Apple Valley, Norwood Young America,and the state of New Jersey) it became difficult to manage all of the outbuildings and keep the house functional through the tough Minnesota winters. Even though it was a difficult decision for the kids, Al, David, Dale, and Marilyn together decided it was time to sell the family farm that had been in their family for over 65 years. For years they tried to sell the farm themselves by creating a website and advertising online. After 5 years with no success, they decided on something they wished they would have done a lot earlier– they needed to work with a Professional Real Estate Agent.

Teller Farm

Teller Farm

After a lot of research and together interviewing 4 of the ‘top selling’ Real Estate agents around the area, there was a clear choice as to who the best Realtor to work with would be. ‘We chose David Olson from Counselor Realty not just because of his incredible sales history and expertise, but because he also valued our relationships,” says Marilyn (one of the owners).  “We also knew that he would do the best job marketing our farm and gave us confidence that we needed to know that he would be able to sell our property for the highest amount possible.”  Not long after the first official day David Olson put their farm on the market, he brought the Tellers family an offer from a prospective buyer.  “Through a lot of creative negotiations he was eventually able to get us the price we could agree on.”  Here is first hand, unedited, what the four Tellers had to say about their experience of working with David Olson:

 Dale Tellers says,I would like to thank you for the fine job you had done in representing our family in the sale of the farm. You have the ability and desire to MAKE things happen instead of letting things happen. You were the only person that called on our advertising twice. In addition when we interviewed Realtors your presentation was the most professional and complete. Towards the end of negotiations we placed our trust in you (which you earned) and gave you latitude to do the best for us that you could and you delivered. You were not afraid to be truthful with us and never tried to tell us what we wanted to hear versus what was reality and needed to hear. In short I feel the best decision that the family made was to select you as our representative. You earned our trust and respect and always conducted yourself professionally and appropriately. It was my privilege to have made your acquaintance. Keep up the great work! I know you will continue to have a great future ahead of you!”

Al Tellers says, David Olson was superior to other realtors we had interviewed prior to selecting him. The other thing that was unique is that David was the only realtor to contact us, offering his assistance when we were trying to sell the farm ourselves. I really liked that he had excellent use of websites, photography and mass media to advertise. He is very energetic and full of enthusiasm. I would highly recommend David as he is trustworthy and knows the market — a pleasure to work with.  He has what it takes to get your home sold quickly and for the best price.”

Marilyn Braun says, After trying to sell our family farm for over 5 years ourselves, David Olson sold it in a short time in August of 2011.  Out of all the realtors we interviewed to sell our farm, David’s energy and enthusiasm, together with extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate market, even a down market, made him the preferred realty professional.  He’s well educated and an excellent negotiator which was critical in our situation.  He’s a master of electronic media which he aggressively used to market our property.  Most important of all, he earned our trust.  David Olson is a choice we’ll never regret.”

David Tellers says, David Olson did an outstanding job working with us in selling our family farm.   The decision to sell the farm, which was in our family for nearly 65 years, was not an easy one.   After our parents passed away, the four of us children had to decide what to do with the farm.   After renting out the farm for some time it was decided to seek a realtor and inquire about placing the farm on the market.   After meeting with several realtors we chose David Olson of Counselor Realty to represent us.  We never regretted that decision and owe David much gratitude for his dedication and professionalism in handling all aspects of the sale.  David was very open in our discussions and we always felt that the decision to sell was ours.  David never rushed us to sell or pressured us to go in a direction we were not comfortable with.   We found David to be very knowledgeable of the market, advertising, pricing, and other related factors of selling in today’s environment.  In the end, the sale of the family farm was made less difficult due to David’s understanding of our needs, his attention to detail, and his extensive knowledge and sales experience.  In addition, his pleasant personality and demeanor made selling the farm a more pleasant experience.   His commitment and the attention he provided to us throughout the entire process, including follow-up after the sale is appreciated.  We would strongly recommend anyone interested in selling their property to contact David Olson.”

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