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St. Paul: Saint Anthony Park

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The Saint Anthony Park neighborhood is nearby the University of Minnesota-St. Paul campus, and borders Northeast Minneapolis on the west and the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on the east. It has been host to three Minnesota governors: William Marshall, Andrew McGill, Elmer L. Andersen. In the late 1800’s the neighborhood held the estates for the well off and affluent of Minneapolis.The Carnegie Library and St. Anthony Park Elementary School are the neighborhood’s main facilities. The neighborhood has two colleges, the previously mentioned St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota and Luther Seminary. The neighborhood’s biggest park is named after the former St. Anthony Park resident Nathaniel P. Langford, who was the founder of the world’s first national park, Yellowstone.

St. Anthony Park is a traditionally small town area nestled equidistant between the downtowns of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. It also offers a distinct global outlook, due to its very diverse culture. The community is home to a wonderful gathering of educational, religious, social service, and arts institutions as well as the St. Anthony Park Foundation, which is St. Paul’s first charitable foundation for a neighborhood. Because of its location between two large business districts, and with countless transportation options all within reach, the community of 7,000 residents have plenty of employment options at their disposal.

Initially set apart as estates for the wealthy of Minneapolis in the late 1800’s, St. Anthony Park has become a neighborhood of diverse architecture ranging from historic Victorian mansions to contemporary-style homes.

The Langford Recreation Center offers several amenities to residents including a game room, gymnasium, kitchen, and a meeting room. It is situated on a local park which includes a basketball court, two hockey rinks, three horseshoe pits, a playground, a skating rink, two softball fields, and two tennis courts. The mix of amenities available at the Langford Recreation Center make it suitable for year-round activity.

The St. Anthony Park neighborhood is host to several parks. Some of the most notable include:

College Park: College Park is a small, neighborhood park featuring a basketball court, two tennis courts, and a playground. Visitors enjoy these active amenities in addition to the 4 acres of open space. With plenty of room to throw a ball around or exercise the dog, College Park is a great neighborhood park.

Hampden Park: Hampden Park is an undeveloped area located in an area surrounded by train tracks, industrial zones, and a highway. As a large area of natural, green space, Hampden Park addresses a large need for the area: natural beauty. While there aren’t many amenities, the park does offer plenty of space to run around, and it is regarded as a safe and open experience for visitors.

South St. Anthony Park: South St. Anthony Park is home to a recreation center as well as several active amenities. Visitors enjoy the ½ basketball court, picnic tables, playground, two softball fields, and two tennis courts. While it is not the largest park in the area, nor the one that offers the most amenities, South St. Anthony Park is the perfect size for young families or those desiring a more peaceful park option.

Alden Square Park: Alden Square Park is located near the Minnesota State Fairgrounds and is a popular picnic destination. Ironically, the park is not square in shape, but rather triangular. Just spacious enough for throwing a frisbee or playing a game of catch, the park is a great place to relax or share a picnic underneath the gazebo. Its convenient location near the fairgrounds makes it especially popular during the weeks of the State Fair.

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