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St. Paul: Hamline-Midway

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The Hamline-Midway neighborhood is renowned for being active, family-oriented, and full of amenities. Hamline University and more than ten other educational institutions are scattered throughout the neighborhood, attracting students from around the metro area. Several civic groups speak to local issues from urban greening to engaging youth and elders. Shops, parks, recreation centers, restaurants, and a library are all found within the neighborhood, offering convenience to Hamline-Midway’s 12,000 residents. The neighborhood is centrally located between both downtowns of Minneapolis and St. Paul and contains the State Fairgrounds, the Central Corridor Light Rail line, and quick access to I-94. The neighborhood also contains the Hancock Recreation Center, which offers residents access to a craft room, gymnasium, kitchen, lounge room, multipurpose room, performing arts area, and The Canvas Teen Center.

The Hamline-Midway neighborhood consists of a collection of large Victorian and Eastlake style houses built in the 1880’s close to Hamline University. Development of the neighborhood happened with the construction of houses in block tracts of foursquare, bungalows, and Tudor Revival cottages in the early 1910’s to 1930’s.

There are many parks found within the Hamline-Midway neighborhood. Some of the most notable include:

Dickerman Park: Dickerman Park is one of the older parks found in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood. Stretching over a ¼ mile along University Avenue, Dickerman Park is most known for its mature trees and green spaces. In fact, some of the trees are over 100 year old. Children enjoy playing in the open spaces along the midway while parents share a casual stroll.

Newell Park: Another one of the older parks found in St. Paul, Newell Park was first dedicated in 1908. Since then it has become a popular destination within the Hamline-Midway neighborhood and a place where families can gather. Amenities within the park include a basketball court, BBQ grills, benches, a fire pit, a pavilion, picnic areas, a playground, restroom facilities, a shelter, and a softball field.

Hamline Park: Hamline Park is known for its good mix of amenities and four distinct sections. Each individual section is separated by trails. Visitors can walk or bike from one section to another in order to experience all of the park’s amenities. The northern section is popular with children and young families for its playground. To the east, visitors will find tennis courts. Venturing south, visitors come across a basketball court, bike racks, and another playground. To the west, visitors enjoy ample open, green space with picnic areas and BBQ grills.

Horton Park: Horton Park is the ideal location for having a picnic. With picnic tables, benches, plenty of shade, and lots of open space, Horton Park is both peaceful and cozy. Guests enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the park’s mini-arboretum.

Griggs Park: As one of the more active locations in the neighborhood, Griggs Park is popular for those who enjoy being active in the outdoors. Visitors enjoy the baseball field, basketball court, picnic area, playground, skating rink, sledding hill, soccer fields, and softball field. With activity year-round, Griggs Park consistently remains a popular choice.

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