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St. Louis Park: Minikahda Vista Neighborhood

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The neighborhood community of Minikahda Vista is located in the southeast corner of St. Louis Park in Ward 2. Minikahda Vista is bordered by Excelsior Boulevard to the north, Morningside Road and the city of Edina to the south, the city of Edina and Minneapolis to the east, and Wooddale Avenue to the west. Minikahda Vista occupies an area of 244.1 acres with 34 residential blocks and a population of nearly 2,000. The neighborhood is home to 829 housing units with 796 single-family homes, 5 apartment units, and 28 duplex units. The average year built for single-family homes in the area is 1944. Although the majority of homes were built in the 1940’s, the majority of homes in the area have been renovated to fit what people are looking for today.

Minikahda Vista is a diverse community with numerous young families, singles,and retirees. One of the many things that makes this neighborhood an attractive place to live is that it is within walking distance to several amenities including store’s, schools, and entertainment options. Some of the amenities within walking distance include Miracle Mile Shopping Center, Target, Byerly’s, Trader Joe’s, Ace Hardware, Half Price Books, and more. Several entertainment options in the area include the St Louis Park Rec Center, Wolf Park amphitheatre, and Lake Calhoun.

Minikahda Vista is also home to 2 schools including Susan Lindgren Elementary School and Calvin Christian School.

Susan Lindgren Elementary School serves 534 students in Kindergarten through 5th grade in the St Louis Park Public Schools System. Susan Lindgren offers a comprehensive educational program including math, reading, science, social studies, the arts, physical education, and foreign language. They also provide excellent teachers who look to meet the individual needs of each student so everyone can experience success. Susan Lindgren Elementary School offers a positive and caring community where students grow socially, physically, and academically.

Minikahda Vista is home to 3 neighborhood parks including Minikahda Vista Park, Weber Park, and Yale Gardens Park.

Minikahda Vista Park: Minikahda Vista Park is located on the east side of the neighborhood offering several outdoor activities. The park features playground equipment, a baseball field, basketball court, soccer field, and shelter.

Weber Park: Weber Park is located just south of Minikahda Vista Park offering several recreational activities to all residents. Weber Park features tennis courts, baseball fields, softball fields, basketball court, hockey rink, playground equipment, and open space.

Yale Gardens Park: Yale Gardens Park is a part of Susan Lindgren elementary School offering open space and playground equipment.

If you have any questions regarding the Minikahda Vista Neighborhood, the city of St. Louis Park, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to give or call 1-800-909-1953.