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St. Louis Park: Lenox Neighborhood

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The Lenox neighborhood lies in the central portion of St. Louis Park and is divided between Wards 1 and 3. Lenox is bordered by the neighborhoods of Bronx Park, Sorensen, South Oak Hill, and Oak Hill. In 1913, Lenox was platted by Charles I. Fuller. Originally the neighborhood was known as “The Goodrich Home” because of the first purchaser of land in the area was named George E. Goodrich. Goodrich and his wife moved from Anoka in 1864 and settled in what is now the Lenox neighborhood.

Today, Lenox covers 285.3 acres and has 35 residential blocks. Within the neighborhood, there are a total of about 878 housing units; 835 single family homes, 13 apartment units, and 30 duplex units. The average year the single family houses were built was 1945. In total, Lenox is home to approximately 2,072 residents who promote a family friendly community.

The Lenox neighborhood offers a variety of amenities within its boundaries, including the Lenox Community Center and St. Louis Park Library. St. Louis Park High School is also situated within the neighborhood.

Lenox Community Center is a widely used facility among Lenox residents. The community offers a variety of education activities, and many take place at the community center. From birth to seniors, there is something for everybody. Opportunities include babysitting classes, art club, book club, exercise classes, crafts, music, ballroom dancing, and many more. Seniors in the community have the opportunity to join the Seniors Program and take part in many of these activities as well as fun outings. There are nearly 1,100 members in the Seniors Program, who benefit in the mind, body, spirit, and community because of this program.

Locals of Lenox enjoy the convenience of the St. Louis Park Library. Situated in the Lenox neighborhood, residents have easy access to all the library has to offer. The St. Louis Park Library is a part of the Hennepin County library system and was originally established in 1913. This library offers countless books and resources. Card holders have access to free computer and wifi use at any of the 41 libraries in the county. The St. Louis Park library is home to a meeting room equipped with tables, chairs, and a drop-down projection screen. Various programs take place at the Hennepin County Libraries, including child storytime, book clubs, reading programs, homework help, writing classes, arts and crafts, entrepreneurial expo, and many more opportunities. The St. Louis Park Library is an excellent amenity for Lenox residents.

Within the Lenox neighborhood, there are three parks: Freedom Park, Parkview Park, and Roxbury Park. Freedom Park is situated in the southwestern part of the neighborhood. This park is the sports hub, featuring ballfield, concession building, and a soccer field. Parkview is a large neighborhood park in Lenox. This park is equipped with a playground, sun shelter, horseshoe, and ballfield. Locals enjoy year round fun at Parkview with its lighted hockey rink and warming house. Roxbury is a small park in the northeastern corner that features play equipment, basketball, and a picnic shelter.

If you have any questions regarding the Lenox Neighborhood, the city of St. Louis Park, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to give or call 1-800-909-1953.