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Southwest: Tangletown

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The Tangletown neighborhood, located in the Southwest community of Minneapolis, is bordered on the north by 46th Street, on the east by Interstate 35W, on the south by 54th Street and Diamond Lake Road, and on the west by Lyndale Avenue South. Minnehaha Creek travels through the southern portion of the neighborhood. The name Tangletown indicates the style of the street layout, which does not follow a traditional pattern. Until it was renamed in 1996 the neighborhood’s initial name was Fuller, after its local elementary school named in honor of Margaret Fuller. She was an American feminist, poet, essayist, journalist and educator during the second half of the 17th century. The school was razed and the land rehabilitated into Fuller Park in 1977. This small park is the heart of community life, provides many activities, and showcases a flower garden.

Tangletown is predominantly a residential neighborhood but is also host to several neighborhood businesses including restaurants, gift shops, and convenience stores. The neighborhood is walkable and the crime rate is low. The 4,500 residents enjoy events like Earth Day and the 4th of July in Fuller Park. Transportation options are readily available and the downtown metro area is just a few minutes away. While many homes in Tangletown were built between 1910-1920, there are also Victorian homes that date back from the 1880s.

One of the most popular restaurants in the neighborhood is the Wise Acre Eatery. A unique restaurant, Wise Acre takes pride in the fact that most of their food comes directly from their own local farm. They raise all of their animals in a free-range, hormone-free environment, meaning that food is fresher, healthier, and all the more satisfying.

Another popular restaurant in the neighborhood is one that offers a culinary combination of Latin American flavors. Inspired by the owner’s trips through Latin America, they have masterfully mixed unique and traditional foods with classic French technique and presentation. The end result is Café Ena, which is an upscale and delightful dining location. Their ambition is to bring this Latin Fusion to the local neighborhood in a sincere, amiable, and friendly environment. They are proud of their creations and their food is sure to please daily patrons.

A final example of the unique restaurants found in the Tangletown neighborhood is Prima. Prima is a rustic, Italian restaurant that features made-in-house Italian dishes from locally-sourced ingredients. In fact, many of the ingredients used within the restaurant are from the restaurant owners’ private farm. With an intimate, cozy dining area and fresh, delicious Italian foods, Prima is a great location for a meal with a loved one.

The Tangletown neighborhood is home to two parks:

Fuller Park: Fuller Park is a small, neighborhood park housing several amenities and a recreation center. Visitors enjoy the basketball court, gardens, picnic area, playground, wading pool, and walking paths located within the park. Additionally, the recreation center gives visitors access to a community kitchen, computer lab, craft room, meeting room, and a multipurpose room. While only 2 acres in size, Fuller Park offers great amenities for an afternoon at the park.

Minnehaha Creek West Park: A 39-acre park stretching across the Lynnhurst neighborhood, Minnehaha Creek West Park is a peaceful haven in the midst of a bustling city. While there are very few amenities for visitors, guests of the park enjoy its quiet nature. With the exclusion of tennis courts and walking paths, Minnehaha Creek West Park remains mostly undeveloped. During the warmer months, the creek is home to a wide array of wildlife. Visitors can enjoy watching the water flow while strolling along the paths and spotting wildlife. In the wintertime, the creek freezes over, allowing for visitors to walk along its surface.

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