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Southwest: Parks & Trails

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The Southwest community is located in the southwestern corner of the city of Minneapolis. With nine distinct neighborhoods, each offering their own parks and recreation services, residents of the Southwest community have no shortage of outdoor recreational options to explore. This article provides a breakdown of the parks that each neighborhood offers.

The Armatage neighborhood is home to one park:

Armatage Park: Armatage Park is located near the center of the Armatage neighborhood. A 17-acre park bustling with activity, residents and visitors alike enjoy the numerous amenities found within the park. With a baseball field, basketball court, football field, hockey/ice skating rink, picnic area, playground, restroom facility, skate park, soccer field, softball fields, tennis courts, a wading pool, and walking paths, Armatage Park is a community favorite. The park is home to numerous community events in addition to being the home of an 18-foot, bronze sculpture entitled Garden Party. This sculpture acts as the Armatage neighborhood’s gateway.

The East Harriet neighborhood is home to several parks. They include:

Lyndale Farmstead Park: Lyndale Farmstead Park is located along a hilltop and is regarded as one of the most historical locations in the city. The park is the home of the Lyndale Farmstead Recreation Center, one of the most beautiful recreation centers in the entire city. The recreation center offers visitors access to a community kitchen, craft room, game room, meeting room, and a multipurpose room. Visitors can also enjoy outdoor amenities such as biking/walking paths, a football field, gardens, an ice skating rink, pickleball and tennis courts, a playground, a soccer field, and softball fields.

Lyndale Park: Lyndale Park is located north of Lake Harriet. As a part of the Lake Harriet acreage, Lyndale Park encompasses 61 acres of scenic gardens, decorative fountains, and natural beauty. The park is home to the renowned Lyndale Park Gardens which offer visitors a splendid array of annuals and perennials. Additionally, the Roberts Bird Sanctuary is found within Lyndale Park and is the home of owls, hummingbirds, eagles, and more.

Lake Harriet Park: Lake Harriet Park is one of the most picturesque and stunning lakes found within the Twin Cities area. As a part of the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes Regional Park, Lake Harriet is a well-known tourist attraction that draws in millions of visitors annually. Whether it be biking or walking on the paths around the lake, going for a swim at the beach, launching the boat into the lake’s waters, or catching a concert at the beautiful bandshell, Lake Harriet Park has something to offer for everyone. Guests from all around the world travel to this area to enjoy its scenic beauty and invigorating atmosphere. Lake Harriet Park also features gardens, fishing piers, playgrounds, restroom facilities, and a large pavilion near the bandshell. The pavilion is a particularly busy location due to its proximity to the bandshell and its convenient restaurant Bread & Pickle. With 470 acres to explore, visitors to Lake Harriet can comfortably spend the entire day at the park, making it a cherished and wildly popular outdoor destination.

The Fulton neighborhood is home to two parks. They include:

Pershing Field Park: Pershing Field Park is an 8.5-acre park located in the northwest corner of the Fulton neighborhood. In close proximity to the Minneapolis Southwest High School, Pershing Field Park is often utilized by young families and community youth. The park has baseball/softball fields, a basketball court, playground, soccer field, tennis courts, a wading pool, and walking paths. It also contains the Pershing Recreation Center which includes a community kitchen, craft room, meeting room, and a multipurpose room.

Lake Harriet Park

The Kenny neighborhood is home to one park which shares its name:

Kenny Park: Kenny Park is a 9-acre park located between two public schools. This convenient location makes it an important part of the local community. Ideal for young families and local youth, visitors enjoy the baseball field, basketball court, ice skating rink, picnic area with grill, playground, pond hockey rink, restroom facility, soccer fields, softball fields, tennis courts, and wading pool. In addition to programming from the local schools, the Kenny neighborhood utilizes the park for community events. Also located on the premises is the Kenny Neighborhood Center. With a community kitchen, meeting room, multipurpose room, and lots of activities, the neighborhood center is an integral part of the neighborhood.


The King Field neighborhood is home to one park:

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park: MLK Jr. Park is a community favorite. Established in honor of the famous Civil Rights leader, MLK Jr. Park is a central location within the King Field neighborhood. At 18.51 acres, the park offers great amenities that all can appreciate. Visitors enjoy the baseball field, basketball court, football field, picnic area, playground, softball fields, tennis courts, volleyball court, wading pool, and walking paths. Additionally, visitors can utilize the community kitchen, computer lab, craft room, gymnasium, meeting room, and multipurpose room found in the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center. With numerous community events, programs, leagues, and day camps happening at MLK Jr. Park, there is truly something for everyone. A final landmark within the park is the memorial sculpture. Designed by a local artist, the sculpture represents an outreach of friendship in honor of Dr. King.

The Linden Hills neighborhood houses three parks in addition to having access to some of the area’s greatest lakes. They include:

Linden Hills Park: Linden Hills Park is located in the center of the Linden Hills neighborhood. At just under 8 acres, the park offers several amenities for residents and visitors alike. With a baseball field, basketball court, ice skating/hockey rinks, a playground, picnic area with grill, restroom facility, soccer field, softball fields, tennis courts, and a wading pool, Linden Hills Park is an active location year-round. Community members enjoy the wide array of activities, regardless of the season, and the park’s active amenities are cherished by all. Additionally, the park is home to the Linden Hills Recreation Center which adds a community kitchen, craft room, meeting room, and a multipurpose room for visitors to enjoy.

William Berry Park: A natural, outdoor, recreational option located near the large regional lakes, William Berry Park is known for its hilly, wooded landscape that has been preserved since 1889. At just under 30 acres, the park offers extensive walking and biking paths through the magnificent wooded areas. William Berry Park also includes an archery range, picnic area, and a playground. For those desiring a scenic location for passive outdoor recreation, William Berry Park is a great choice.

Beard’s Plaisance: Beard’s Plaisance is attached to the nearby Lake Harriet Park. A popular community gathering location, the park is most often utilized for its picnic area, playground, and tennis courts. A great location for a family or neighborhood get-together, Beard’s Plaisance has seating for 80, 5 charcoal grills, and a restroom facility nearby.

Lake Harriet Park

Lake Calhoun Park: Linden Hills is located on the border of Lake Calhoun Park. One of Minnesota’s most popular destinations, Lake Calhoun Park is 518 acres of scenic beauty. The park features the magnificent Lake Calhoun, a local favorite, as well as a wide variety of amenities. Lake Calhoun Park is home to an archery range, wildly popular beach, biking/walking path around the lake, boat docks, a fishing pier, picnic facilities, soccer and softball fields, and sand volleyball courts. During the summer months, Minnesota goes out on the lake to play. With swimming, boating, sailing, fishing, and even logrolling available, Lake Calhoun Park is a wonderful destination for a sunny, summer day. Described as one of Minnesota’s most beautiful lakes, the Lake Calhoun Park is a must-visit destination.

The Lynnhurst neighborhood is home to three parks. They include:

Lynnhurst Park: Lynnhurst Park is the primary park within the Lynnhurst neighborhood. While only 8 acres in size, the park is a community gathering place and the home of many events. The Lynnhurst Recreation Center is located within the park grounds and includes a community kitchen, craft room, gymnasium, meeting room, and a multipurpose room. Outside of the recreation center, visitors can enjoy the baseball fields, basketball courts, biking/walking paths, hockey/ice skating rinks, playground, soccer fields, softball fields, tennis courts, and wading pool. Because of the numerous sporting fields found at Lynnhurst Park, the neighborhood and larger community uses the park for sporting leagues and tournaments. With so many amenities and a central location, Lynnhurst Park is cherished by all.

Minnehaha Creek West Park: A 39-acre park stretching across the Lynnhurst neighborhood, Minnehaha Creek West Park is a peaceful haven in the midst of a bustling city. While there are very few amenities for visitors, guests of the park enjoy its quiet nature. With the exclusion of tennis courts and walking paths, Minnehaha Creek West Park remains mostly undeveloped. During the warmer months, the creek is home to a wide array of wildlife. Visitors can enjoy watching the water flow while strolling along the paths and spotting wildlife. In the wintertime, the creek freezes over, allowing for visitors to walk along its surface.

Lake Harriet Park

The Tangletown neighborhood is home to two parks:

Fuller Park: Fuller Park is a small, neighborhood park housing several amenities and a recreation center. Visitors enjoy the basketball court, gardens, picnic area, playground, wading pool, and walking paths located within the park. Additionally, the recreation center gives visitors access to a community kitchen, computer lab, craft room, meeting room, and a multipurpose room. While only 2 acres in size, Fuller Park offers great amenities for an afternoon at the park.

Minnehaha Creek West Park

The Windom neighborhood is home to one park:

Windom South Park: Windom South Park is located adjacent to the local school. A very small, just over an acre park, Windom South Park is home to a playground for neighborhood and school youth. While tiny, Windom South Park is loved by the neighborhood kids and makes a great place for families to relax in the afternoon.

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