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Southwest: Lynnhurst

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The Lynnhurst neighborhood is located in the Minneapolis Southwest community and near the southern end of Lake Harriet. Minnehaha Creek runs through the north and south ends, dividing the neighborhood. Lynnhurst ranges from Lyndale Avenue to Penn Avenue and from 46th Street to 54th Street. It derives its name from a neighborhood park, which was named for its location in the Lynnhurst Planning District. The park’s name was official in 1921, the same year that over 8 acres of parkland was acquired. Lynnhurst is a residential neighborhood of around 6,000 locals.

Lynnhurst provides the best of city living for residents and visitors equally. The beautiful, natural setting on the southeast portion of Lake Harriet offers many recreational options. The neighborhood’s tree-lined streets feature attractive homes in diverse styles. Lynnhurst is also home to a wide collection of unique businesses, including restaurants, coffee shops, and retail stores. Lynnhurst contains mainly single-family homes, mostly in the arts and crafts as well as prairie styles. Colonial, tudor and romantic revival houses are common as well.

For those seeking coffee and espresso from a business that practices fair trade and sustainably grown coffee and tea practices, one need to look no further than Sparrow Cafe. In addition to coffees and teas, Sparrow Cafe serves unique espresso drinks and a wide assortment of gourmet pastries. The Café is ideal for morning cravings, as getting a coffee while walking the dog, or grabbing a cup while rushing to work is a common practice for many locals.

George and the Dragon is another popular dining location. Based on a traditional English pub, George and the Dragon serves great food and drink in addition to being a community meeting place. The food is produced with local and organic ingredients and offered in large portions. A great destination for a family dinner or a drink with the friends, George and the Dragon is an important location within the neighborhood.

The Lynnhurst neighborhood is home to three parks. They include:

Lynnhurst Park: Lynnhurst Park is the primary park within the Lynnhurst neighborhood. While only 8 acres in size, the park is a community gathering place and the home of many events. The Lynnhurst Recreation Center is located within the park grounds and includes a community kitchen, craft room, gymnasium, meeting room, and a multipurpose room. Outside of the recreation center, visitors can enjoy the baseball fields, basketball courts, biking/walking paths, hockey/ice skating rinks, playground, soccer fields, softball fields, tennis courts, and wading pool. Because of the numerous sporting fields found at Lynnhurst Park, the neighborhood and larger community uses the park for sporting leagues and tournaments. With so many amenities and a central location, Lynnhurst Park is cherished by all.

Minnehaha Creek West Park: A 39-acre park stretching across the Lynnhurst neighborhood, Minnehaha Creek West Park is a peaceful haven in the midst of a bustling city. While there are very few amenities for visitors, guests of the park enjoy its quiet nature. With the exclusion of tennis courts and walking paths, Minnehaha Creek West Park remains mostly undeveloped. During the warmer months, the creek is home to a wide array of wildlife. Visitors can enjoy watching the water flow while strolling along the paths and spotting wildlife. In the wintertime, the creek freezes over, allowing for visitors to walk along its surface.

Lake Harriet Park: Lake Harriet Park is one of the most picturesque and stunning lakes found within the Twin Cities area. As a part of the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes Regional Park, Lake Harriet is a well-known tourist attraction that draws in millions of visitors annually. Whether it be biking or walking on the paths around the lake, going for a swim at the beach, launching the boat into the lake’s waters, or catching a concert at the beautiful bandshell, Lake Harriet Park has something to offer for everyone. Guests from all around the world travel to this area to enjoy its scenic beauty and invigorating atmosphere. Lake Harriet Park also features gardens, fishing piers, playgrounds, restroom facilities, and a large pavilion near the bandshell. The pavilion is a particularly busy location due to its proximity to the bandshell and its convenient restaurant Bread & Pickle. With 470 acres to explore, visitors to Lake Harriet can comfortably spend the entire day at the park, making it a cherished and wildly popular outdoor destination.

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