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Southwest Edina: Indian Hills

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One of the most convenient aspects of the Indian Hills neighborhood is its location adjacent to US Highway 169 and State Highway 212. Residents have easy access to the majority of the Twin Cities metro area via these roads. Indian Hills, with a total population of 950, is situated in the Southwest quadrant of Edina.  It is bordered on the north by Highway 62, on the east by Gleason Road, on the south by Valley View as well as West Trail, and on the west by Highway 169.

The area possesses two lakes: Arrowhead Lake and Indianhead Lake. The community’s name was derived partly from the trails and paths used by Native American tribes who traveled from the cities of Shakopee and Eden Prairie to Lake Calhoun in southwest Minneapolis. Early white settlers used their paths as well and called them Eden Prairie Road and Edina Mills Road. When paving was needed in the 1930’s, the “road” became flattened out and was newly named Highway 169. The “Indian trails through the hills” were left to be modernized in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. Currently, the lakes in this affluent neighborhood are only accessible to property owners of its lakeshore estates.

Indian Hills is a very superior upper bracket neighborhood that is very distinct compared to the rest of Edina. It is a neighborhood that offers topography of rolling hills, which also factored into the naming of this area, that rise up above Arrowhead Lake and Indianhead Lake. Indian Hills is also a very wooded area, with imposing old growth trees scattered around the neighborhood. When locals or visitors are walking or driving through, they feel like they are further away from the busy suburban area surrounding them. This exclusive natural haven is an alluring living area for many people. Out of its 360 homes, most of them are ramblers that are two stories.

As mentioned before, the Indian Hills neighborhood is home to several small lakes, each of which offer highly desirable residential living. Residents are not only able to enjoy the prestige that comes with living within the city of Edina, but they also enjoy some of the most sought after properties. Arrowhead Lake, which isn’t at all shaped like an arrowhead, is the bigger of the two lakes at about 21 acres. Indianhead Lake, once named Lillian Lake, is about 14 acres. Both lakes have a top depth of 7 feet. Arrowhead Lake is considered a “winterkill” lake due to its shallowness, but is continually stocked with fish. Both lakes are an amenity appreciated by only the property owners that own lakeshore. They have also helped to launch Indian Hills as the location for some of the most luxurious homes in the Twin Cities.

While there are not any parks located directly within the Indian Hills neighborhood, the nearby Creek Valley Elementary School and Park offer several great amenities for visitors:

Creek Valley School Park: The main park within the Creek Valley neighborhood, Creek Valley School Park is located adjacent to Creek Valley Elementary School. This location makes it ideal for younger families or students of the nearby school. At 10 acres, the park boasts one of the largest playgrounds within the park system in addition to having five soccer fields, basketball hoops, foursquare grids, and a giant sledding hill. Children are sure to love the swings and slides that the playground offers. Additionally, during the winter months the hockey rink and warming house are very popular amenities.

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