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Southwest Edina: Dewey Hill

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The Dewey Hill Neighborhood is positioned in the Southwest quadrant of the city of Edina, MN. It is bordered on the north by Dewey Hill Road, on the east by Cahill Road, on the south by 494, and on the west by Braemar Golf Course. This residential neighborhood was built predominantly during the 60’s and 70’s, with several townhomes, condo and apartment complexes on its eastern section.

Dewey Hill is an excellent and affluent neighborhood with amazing natural beauty. The center of the neighborhood is mostly water, which is the source of much of the neighborhood’s beautiful scenery. The chief beauty, however, is the nearby Braemar Hills golf course, which provides stunning views that even those who do not enjoy golf would find hard not to appreciate. Dewey Hill has 260 homes that are mostly two-story and luxurious. The lots are spacious for a suburb, and the landscape is lovely, with lots of older trees along curving roads. The actual Dewey Hill lies at the top of Claredon Drive and officially lies in the Prospect Knolls neighborhood. The hill was originally named for its historic owner, Mr. Dewey.

With so much natural beauty, residents enjoy some of the finest and most scenic living in Edina. Between the water, golf course, winding streets and mature trees, the Dewey Hill offers more than just suburban living; it offers a lifestyle of comfort and tranquility.

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