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Southwest: East Harriet

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The East Harriet neighborhood is positioned in Minneapolis’ Southwest community. It derives its name from Lake Harriet, which Fort Snelling constructor Col. Henry Leavenworth named after his own wife. The neighborhood is bounded by 36th Street on the north and 46 th Street to the south. Lyndale Avenue is the eastern border and Lake Harriet and Lakewood Cemetery combine to form the western border.

Colonel William S. King heavily influenced the culture and atmosphere of East Harriet. His summer estate, Lyndale Farmstead, was located on land now labeled as a park bearing the exact same name. King was also a contributor in setting aside the parkland that encompasses Lake Harriet. The neighborhood of around 4,000 residents puts on several events during the year such as kite flying and an annual block party, both of which contribute to the unity and bond that the locals enjoy.

One of the only restaurants in the neighborhood, Piccolo’s cooking is attentive on quality over quantity, placing what is seasonal and original ahead of what is routine and familiar. They believe in changing the menu regularly, buying locally and seasonally whenever possible, and putting a substantial extent of time and dedication into each stunningly created plate. The menu is designed to allow guests a chance to create a distinctive dining experience with each visit, combining risk with reward. This is one of the most exciting dining areas around.

Another popular dining location is Our Kitchen. Located in the northern end of the East Harriet neighborhood, Our Kitchen specializes in classic Americana breakfasts. With omelets, pancakes, breakfast meats in the morning, and burgers, sandwiches, and soups for lunch, visitors can count on a delicious meal.

Although the neighborhood does not offer much in the way of commercial amenities, many shops, dining, and entertainment areas can be found nearby. This neighborhood is mostly residential, and containing a lot of parkland. This affords for the community to be peaceful and a great family-oriented place to settle down.

The East Harriet neighborhood is home to several parks. They include:

Lyndale Farmstead Park: Lyndale Farmstead Park is located along a hilltop and is regarded as one of the most historical locations in the city. The park is the home of the Lyndale Farmstead Recreation Center, one of the most beautiful recreation centers in the entire city. The recreation center offers visitors access to a community kitchen, craft room, game room, meeting room, and a multipurpose room. Visitors can also enjoy outdoor amenities such as biking/walking paths, a football field, gardens, an ice skating rink, pickleball and tennis courts, a playground, a soccer field, and softball fields.

Lyndale Park: Lyndale Park is located north of Lake Harriet. As a part of the Lake Harriet acreage, Lyndale Park encompasses 61 acres of scenic gardens, decorative fountains, and natural beauty. The park is home to the renowned Lyndale Park Gardens which offer visitors a splendid array of annuals and perennials. Additionally, the Roberts Bird Sanctuary is found within Lyndale Park and is the home of owls, hummingbirds, eagles, and more.

Lake Harriet Park: Lake Harriet Park is one of the most picturesque and stunning lakes found within the Twin Cities area. As a part of the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes Regional Park, Lake Harriet is a well-known tourist attraction that draws in millions of visitors annually. Whether it be biking or walking on the paths around the lake, going for a swim at the beach, launching the boat into the lake’s waters, or catching a concert at the beautiful bandshell, Lake Harriet Park has something to offer for everyone. Guests from all around the world travel to this area to enjoy its scenic beauty and invigorating atmosphere. Lake Harriet Park also features gardens, fishing piers, playgrounds, restroom facilities, and a large pavilion near the bandshell. The pavilion is a particularly busy location due to its proximity to the bandshell and its convenient restaurant Bread & Pickle. With 470 acres to explore, visitors to Lake Harriet can comfortably spend the entire day at the park, making it a cherished and wildly popular outdoor destination.

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