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Prestigious West Bloomington

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The prestigious sector of Bloomington is primarily found on the western side of the city in the Bush Lake area. A collection of luxurious homes located within the 4th largest city in the state, residents of Prestigious West Bloomington enjoy scenic natural beauty as well as the amenities of suburban life. This area of the city offers a more private, exclusive type of living, as it is less commercially developed. It’s close proximity to major areas of employment make it the ideal home grounds for Minnesota’s executives and business owners.

Many of the homes have vantage points gained from the bluffs and backdrops on which they reside. These prime locations showcase Minnesota’s River Valley with some of the most scenic views in the state. The numerous parks, trails, and wildlife, all contribute to Prestigious West Bloomington’s desirability. Compared to its neighboring cities, Eden Prairie and Edina, residents enjoy less taxes and greater community development.

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