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Powderhorn: Powderhorn Park

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Powderhorn Park, within Minneapolis’ Powderhorn community, got its name from Powderhorn Park Lake, a small lake formed like a powder horn. People congregate for cultural events and community activities in the park and by the lake. The neighborhood is bordered on the north by Lake Street, on the east by Cedar Avenue South, on the south by 38th Street East, and on the west by Chicago Avenue. Powderhorn Park is predominantly a residential neighborhood, where single-family houses and smaller residential lots are numerous. The city annexed the neighborhood in 1887 along with most of the housing.

Powderhorn Park is a flourishing and diverse neighborhood. Known for its annual Art Fair and May Day Festival, Powderhorn residents are exceedingly creative and active in their community. The regenerated Lake Street is home to many unique small businesses and the established art deco Sears Building compound that is now the Midtown Exchange. Powderhorn Park is well served by LR transit and residents have convenient access to the Midtown Greenway. They can easily walk to popular destinations along Lake Street and 38th Street. This neighborhood of 9,500 residents is a wonderful place to live.

The Midtown Greenway is a 5.5-mile long former railroad strip in the Powderhorn community and it passes through Powderhorn Park with bicycling and walking trails. The Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority owns it and the trails are preserved by the City of Minneapolis. The Midtown Greenway Coalition is the group that effectively encouraged the creation of the Midtown Greenway by means of public agencies. The Coalition exists to this day and engages the community in protecting, improving, and using the Greenway. This Greenway has been used for biking and other activities ever since it was first built.

There are many landmarks that can be found within the Powderhorn Park neighborhood. Matt’s Bar and Grill is a local favorite and nationally-known. Famous for their claim as the creators of the famous “Jucy Lucy” cheeseburger (Matt’s is adamant that the proper spelling is Jucy), Matt’s Bar and Grill has been featured on the Travel Channel, in TIME Magazine, and has even been visited by Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States. Regardless of whether or not they were the true creators of the legendary Minnesotan burger, Matt’s Bar and Grill delivers great food in a fun atmosphere.

Another famous landmark in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood is the Mercado Central. A collection of shops, restaurants, and bakeries from Latin descent, Mercado Central features wonderful Central American and Spanish foods, events, treats, and arts. The Spanish influence within the area is both immersive and exciting. Visitors will be sure to discover many sights, sounds, and smells that hail from Latin cultures worldwide.

For many in the neighborhood, the MayDay Parade is a time to rejoice the approaching warmth with hand-built puppets and masks, music, and performance along the local the streets. Community workshops start the first Saturday in the month of April and  the local theater provides a giant studio space. Throughout the month, neighbors are invited to the 16 public workshops, and all who enter contribute in the building of this collective story through the creation of puppets and masks. By the time the parade is underway on the first Sunday of May, a great number of community members have gotten involved with putting on the festivities.

The Powderhorn Art Fair, one of the premium local and regional art fairs in the country, rejoices artistic illustration and community involvement. Hosted in the green, 66-acre local Powderhorn Park, the Powderhorn Art Fair showcases 184 regional and national artists of diverse masteries, as well works done by local artists in the neighborhood. The Powderhorn Art Fair is a partnership between the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

The Powderhorn Park neighborhood is home to one park that shares its name:

Powderhorn Park: Powderhorn Park is a large community park located within the heart of the Powderhorn Park neighborhood. At nearly 66 acres, the park offers a wide array of amenities for its visitors. The park includes baseball/softball fields, football/soccer fields, basketball, tennis, and sand volleyball courts, a fishing pier, garden, picnic area with grill, ice skating rink, playground, walking paths, and a wading pool. Visitors enjoy the beautiful 11.5 acre Powderhorn Lake, which is stocked annually with crappies, sunfish, and adult catfish. Additionally, the park is home to the Powderhorn Recreation Center which contains a community kitchen, computer lab, craft room, gymnasium, meeting room, and a multipurpose room. A year-round attraction for residents and visitors alike, Powderhorn Park is a great feature of the Powderhorn Park neighborhood

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