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Powderhorn: Central

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The Central neighborhood was named after Minneapolis’s former Central High School, which was one of the city’s largest schools before it was closed in 1982. The neighborhood is bounded by Lake Street on the north and 38th Street on the south. Interstate 35W is the western border and Chicago Avenue is the eastern border. This residential neighborhood of nearly 8,000 residents features predominantly single-family homes and a smattering of multifamily low-rise buildings.

The name Central also coincides with its geographical location, as it is nestled in the center of south Minneapolis in the Powderhorn Community. The Central neighborhood is a fully diverse, suitably located, city neighborhood. Chicago and 4th Avenues, and Lake and 38th Streets serve as Central’s main commercial strips. The Central neighborhood’s attraction continues to grow as it fascinates those who love the neighborhood’s lovely, historic housing options and lively, diverse community, and its close proximately to everything the city provides in the way of employment, entertainment, and recreation.

Because it is one of the older neighborhoods in Minneapolis, Central possesses a variety of astonishing buildings built mainly between the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. It is here that the decorative Queen Anne architecture snuggled alongside splendid Colonial Revivals, and sophisticated Four-Squares sharing blocks with Arts & Crafts Bungalows and English-inspired Tudors can be found.

There are several unique dining options within the Central neighborhood. Safari Restaurant is modern Somali/African restaurant. They provide a variation of food items for everyone to enjoy the taste of. The Safari menu contains three major categories, which are, Traditional African Cuisine, Contemporary Cuisine, and Safari Specials. Join them any day of the week for lunch or dinner and explore some of the best ethnic foods available in Minneapolis. Their cuisines are prepared from fresh and exclusive ingredients. This amazing restaurant is sure to please.

Another great option within the Central neighborhood is the Modern Times Cafe. The Modern Times Cafe prides themselves on their diverse and accessible menu. With vegan, vegetarian, organic, fair-trade, and carnivorous options available, there is something for everyone at the Modern Times Cafe. Open for breakfast and lunch, Modern Times Cafe is a great choice for groups with a differing dietary restrictions.

The Seward Community Co-op Friendship Store is a wonderful option for healthy, fresh, local food. The Co-op was founded in 1972 as a group of volunteers and offered a small selection of bulk goods. Over the years the Seward Co-op grew into three seperate locations with the Friendship store, located at 38th Street and Clinton Avenue opening in 2013. The Friendship Store offers access to a large selection of healthy foods as well as access to local CSAs and public education.

The Central neighborhood is home to one park:

Central Gym Park: Central Gym Park is a unique park located in the southern end of the Central neighborhood. What makes it so unique is the fact that it surrounds a large gathering of community organizations all found within one building. This makes the park a great choice for outdoor recreation or for community activities. Amenities at the park include a basketball court, football/soccer field, softball field, picnic area with grill, tennis courts, and a wading pool. Visitors can also enjoy the large gymnasium found within the nearby building. Because of its status as the only park in the Central neighborhood and its wealth of amenities, Central Gym Park is an important community destination and is busy year-round.

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