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Powderhorn: A Brief History

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The Powderhorn community was initially established around the early 1900’s with the arrival and growth of the streetcar system in Minneapolis. The community began to develop commercial and residential properties around the major intersections of the area. The community got its name from its local park, Powderhorn Park. The park served, and remains to serve, as one of the major amenities enticing families to the community. The Powderhorn community was annexed by the City of Minneapolis near 1900 and began to integrate itself with the city. Up until 1920, the majority of the housing options comprised of single-family homes, but from 1920-1925, new construction moved to mostly duplexes and three-story apartment buildings. Towards mid-century single-family homes in the area began to divide into smaller units, but many of the households, especially around the park, did not divide. As a result from the combination of housing developments, the market in Powderhorn contains a variation of ages and types.

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