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Phillips: Parks & Trails

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The Phillips community is home to several unique parks. While one of the smaller communities within Minneapolis, the Phillips community’s 3 distinct neighborhoods each offer their own park options. Parks within the Phillips community include the following:

The Midtown Phillips neighborhood is home to one park:

Stewart Park: Stewart Park is located at the heart of the Phillips community. A 6.2-acre park known for its athletic facilities, Stewart Park includes a baseball/softball field, beautiful synthetic turf soccer field, wading pool, and a playground. The athletic fields are lighted, making them useful for day or night games. Many community leagues and teams compete at Stewart Park, making it a central location within the neighborhood.

The Ventura Village neighborhood is home to two parks. They include:

Peavey Park: At 7 acres, Peavey Park offers visitors numerous ways to enjoy the outdoors. With a baseball/softball field, basketball court, picnic area, playground, restroom facility, soccer field, tennis courts, volleyball court, wading pool, and walking paths, there is something for everyone at Peavey Park. Residents enjoy the active amenities that the park provides, but for those seeking passive recreation, Peavey Park makes a great destination for a picnic. Its urban setting provides individuals with a taste of the big city while enjoying the natural space.

Phillips Park: Phillips Park is a very unique park located within the Ventura Village neighborhood. While very small, it provides a playground for visitors and is home to the Phillips Community Center. The Phillips Community Center includes a community kitchen, computer lab, gymnasium, meeting room and a multipurpose room. What makes the community center most unique, however, is the fact that it houses tenants who provide additional services for the community.

While the Phillips West neighborhood does not have any parks, it is close to a plethora of outdoor recreational options. There are 5 parks located within the Phillips community alone, as well as countless others throughout the city of Minneapolis. Residents have quick and easy access to these great parks.

The Phillips community is also home to two additional parks located in the eastern side of the community. They include:

Cedar Avenue Field Park: A cozy, 1.89-acre park, Cedar Avenue Field Park offers visitors a basketball court, picnic area with a grill, and a playground. Perfect for younger families or those seeking a more peaceful park option, Cedar Avenue Field Park’s tree-lined walking path runs through the heart of the eastern Phillips area.

East Phillips Park: East Phillips Park is a 6.46-acre park located just south of downtown Minneapolis. It features a baseball/softball field, basketball court, picnic area with grill, playground, two soccer fields, tennis courts, a restroom facility, and a wading pool. The park is also home to the East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center. A resource utilized and enjoyed by the entire neighborhood, the community center is open to the public and includes a community kitchen, computer lab, craft room, gymnasium, meeting room, and a multipurpose room.

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