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Phillips Community: A Brief History

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The name Phillips came from Wendell Phillips, a 19th-century abolitionist. Housing expansion in the Phillips community extended to its highest point in the years of 1890–1910, after the new streetcar routes down Lake Street and Franklin Avenue were established. Industrial and commercial endeavors also played a key part in the neighborhood’s history, with shops and businesses stretching alongside Lake Street such as Abbott Northwestern, and the world headquarters of Honeywell located at 4th Avenue and 28th Street from the 1920’s until the 1990’s.

Phillips is also home to the Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery, which is the oldest in the city with graves dating back to the 1850’s. The area has been a major hub for immigration for many years, and now holds the most Asian and Somali immigrants in the state. Swedish immigrants have also influenced the culture and architecture in the community as well.

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