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Parks and Trails of White Bear Lake Minnesota

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The City of White Bear Lake, Minnesota is laid out over 8.02 square miles of land and 0.64 square miles of water. In order to support their nearly 25,000 residents, White Bear Lake offers an extensive park system. With 24 parks, White Bear Lake offers opportunities and experiences for everybody. Some of the most popular parks in White Bear Lake include Lakewood Hills Park, Matoska Park, Podvin Park, and Stellmacher Park.

Lakewood Hills Park: With numerous amenities, Lakewood Hills Park has much to offer. A pond and boat dock are located at this park. Residents enjoy a fireplace and kitchen located within Lakewood Hills Park as well as picnic tables, a shelter and a grills. Playground equipment, a sledding hill, and a baseball diamond offer year ground fun for children. Lakewood Hills Park is special in that it offers a disc golf course. Established in 2003, this 5,945 feet course has 18-holes.

Matoska Park: Located on White Bear Lake, Matoska Park has many water sport opportunities. At the park, there are boat docks and landings, canoe landing and racks. There is also a sailboat dock and rigging. Residents enjoy a pond and a gazebo. Picnic benches and tables are located throughout Matoska Park. This park is home to a historical monument and memorials.

Podvin Park: Located in a residential area, Podvin Park offers amenities for all ages. Equipped with baseball diamonds, basketball hoops, soccer fields, and football fields, Podvin Park is a neighborhood hub. Residents enjoy amenities including a historical monument, play equipment, picnic tables, and benches. The park is fully handicap accessible and is home to a nice pavilion that includes a meeting room and kitchen.

Stellmacher Park: Stellmacher Park offers year-round activities for all ages. Locals enjoy baseball diamonds, a basketball court, soccer fields, and football fields. Play equipment and a sledding hill are available for year round fun. Because this park is in a residential area, a bike rack is provided. Stellmacher Park also offers residents with memorials and a reservable pavilion.

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